Fall-ing for you.

Fall – ing for you ❤

Leaves around our feet and an umbrella above our head. Washington fall seasons are a beautiful opportunity to connect with that special someone in your life, or possibly starting something new with that girl you’ve had your eyes on. Romance can come in all forms like a rainy trip to Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte, or a kiss in the rain. Fall is the time of the year to steal her heart. Whether you are thinking of asking her out, been together for a month, a year, or 50, its always good to reconnect on love. So here are some things I’ve done with “her” trying to chase her heart or to reconnect and they might just work for you.

Take a Walk.
The Seattle arboretum was currently under construction (last week) but that didn’t stop us. We chased the leaves as we walked around the park looking for a way in but to no prevail. We ended up in a park just across the street walked around talking about life (ask questions and let her talk, even if she have already told you a story before, listen. They could just be really excited and want to talk about it) this date ended in a bunch of failed photographs with leaves and a smile.

Coffee shop dates.
Back to school is now, studying can be stressful during the fall but nothing says stress reliever like pumpkin spice. Sometime a quick stop at a coffee shop can be a brand new adventure try ordering for each other and just “go with it” you may find you love it/ or hate it. But its always good to learn something new about her, or challenge each other to try something new. Her and I will always stop before an adventure for coffee always trying to go somewhere new just to explore the world and each other.

The Patch.
Of course! The pumpkin patch is a must, time to get your boots out and head to the farm. Hold her hand and let her lead the way. Pick three pumpkins one for the both of you and one together. In a lasting relationships its good to be independent, but yet dependent. It’s always a balance of the two though. Make the pumpkins carving fun get messy be cute and show her you’re a man of many qualities. I always try to let her do her thing and express her creative skills, just let her know you’re there to help if she needs it.

Fall has some of the best sunsets I have ever witnesses, but they wouldn’t have been the same without her by my side. Her and I have a park that we walk during “the golden hour.” And these moments can be spent many different ways. Sometimes a little silence can be good letting her know that her beauty is a loss for words followed by a sunset like the one in front of you, or sunsets can always be a good time to reflect. Let your feelings out. It always feels good to be loved and one can never hear it to much.

The key to Fall time romance is doing the basics. A Tree needs its roots so don’t be afraid to relate back to yours in a new or old relationship. Chasing can be fun if you let it. Fall is filled with opportunity so get out there and go do. Enjoy the moments with her as soon fall will be gone.

till next time,

Countless Things My Momma Taught Me


Happy Tuesday friends!

You might be wondering why a her post is on a Tuesday and not a Monday? Well, I took a days jump because today is a special day! It is my Momma’s birthday today and I would like to take an inserted Tuesday post to appreciate all the moms!

On a more personal and reflective note, aside from life tips and tricks, I think we can all agree that moms are the modern day superheros in our lives and deserve a standing-O! It wasn’t until I “officially” moved out of the house to my Seattle apartment that I realized how much my parents supported me and took incredible care of me growing up. My momma is my best friend and has taught me so many things.

1. Be Patient
Have you ever noticed that moms are always right about everything? I’ve realized that my mom has lived twice as long I and knows much more than I think I do. She has also learned how to be patient and experiences time with deep value. Each day you learn and grow, you just have to be calm and know that things will come in perfect timing.

2. Be Confident
Have you also noticed that your mom always seems to tell you that you’re pretty, even when you’re sick? Well, she has to! But she means it too. Our moms have watched our phases of new hair color, tasteful make up, and “self-expressing” clothing, and still manages to think that we are perfect. We are perfect not because we necessarily do the right things, but because we are confident and that is how we learn.

3. Be Thoughtful
It is scary to grow up and see how similar to my mother I am. I have not only taken on her caring heart, but also her sensitive emotions. I can always count on her to take extra time and extra love just to make my day. And if there is one great thing that I take with me, it is that it is worth being thoughtful, even if you do not get that in return. Always put others before you and think the best of others.

4. Be Yourself

As cliche as it may be, you begin to learn who you are in these later years of your childhood. You learn what you like and do not like, how your brain organizes in the best way, and what you need to do to make yourself happy. Moms are always there to help us out, offer advice, and assist us in discovering the beautiful beings that they made. It is also important to remember that the people that we are today and ought to be are because of the people we came from.

For all you have done, all you do, and continue to do, thank you.

& Happy Birthday, Momma!

Xoxo, her.

Frisco Adventures

San Francisco Adventure

We set off on a Wednesday night to the airport from Seattle. San Fran here we come! We arrived safe & sound so we  decided to rest up for our big day in the city. We hit the city bright and early to get a jumpstart on our adventure. Here are some things to check out on your trip to San Fran.

The Golden Gate Bridge– There are a lot of places to view the bridge from, we made our way out to Crissy fields. It was a beautiful area filled with people and a view of the beach, the ocean, Alcatraz, and of course the Golden Gate bridge. We would go back for sure and would recommend it as a stop for your travels. There are places all around to view the bridge as it’s the second most photographed bridge in the world.

Our shot from crissy fields.


The Ghirardelli Factory– Here is the perfect place for the chocolate lover. In fact, it was hard getting her to leave. There are gift shops here filled with fun toys and multiple chocolate rooms. Also a place for you to sit down and enjoy some desert. Overall it’s a beautiful area of the pier and would be a recommendation for all frisco chocolate lovers.

Our shot of Ghirardelli


Fisherman’s Wharf– There are so many enjoyable places here! It kept us busy for half of our day or more.  Here, you have so many places to eat, street shows, the ocean, views of Alcatraz island, a ton of shops all down the street and so much more. We ended up meeting friends here and had a bite to eat at the Boudins sourdough factory (him recommends the grilled cheese sandwich). After dinner we walked the pier to chase a beautiful sunset.

Our shot of the sunset from the wharf


The Painted Ladies– Here are beautiful Victorian homes. This is just a short stop. We stopped here and were amazed at the amount of detail in the homes and how many people were there just to see houses (as we were part of the statistic). Must see!

Our shot of the painted ladies


Hop on Hop off Bus tour– So worth it! You can ride the bus all day and learn so much of the history about San Fran, or you’re able to just ride the bus to where you want to get on, get off, then get back on when you’re ready. We had a blast on the bus and learned so much but at the same time used it as a primary source of transport as we didn’t want to try and park everywhere. Trust us it’s worth the 40 bucks.

Our shot of the bustour


Here are just a few of the things we thought you should see/use while on your trip to San Fran. We weren’t able to see everything as we wanted but that always gives you a reason to come back. We encourage travel. Sometimes you have to take a step away from your 9 to 5 and step right into adventure, and may your adventures be great.

Till next time xoxo,


5 Tips for your first day.

5 tips for your first day 

The first day of college can be tough or it can be easy. I am currently attending EVCC and have learned a lot here. Here are a few things I’ve learned and realized while attending school and wanted to share them with you.

 First, time management. Time can be short. When you have a job, school, a girlfriend, food, social life, friends, whatever it may be, it will need to be planned. School is something you pay a lot of money for. Friends should understand if you’re busy. Food is important for your health and fuels your body. Plan study dates with your girlfriend so she feels involved in your life but you’re still getting stuff done and make sure you don’t fall behind as it can snowball fast, very fast.

 Second locate your classes, if your school has an orientation day I recommend going to it. It’s a good way to meet new people as well as learn your school. Campus maps should be online and well documented if not, don’t be afraid to ask around. Beats being late on your first day, I would recommend showing up early for school as parking may be difficult or there could be a lot of foot traffic on campus.


Third be confident and Dress for success. Pick out your outfit the night before and make sure its something you’ve worn before. Pick something you feel confident in and don’t worry what other people think of you. This isn’t high school. If you feel smart and act smart you will most likely be smart.


Fourth the bookstore. From my personal experiences, I will wait until the first day before I order books. Some teachers will put books online for you, or recommend books you will never use. But if you do choice to order them, do it before class. Be sure to rent, most are in good condition, you’ll save good money, and you don’t have to worry about reselling once the class is over.


Fifth the teachers. Here is where things change and prove it’s not like high school. College teachers/ professors care about their job but not so much you, if you show effort and pride they will to. Don’t be a class clown or someone who skips, you may think you can catch up but you can’t and a lot of teachers do not accept late work or incomplete assignments.


For some, college can be an experience of a lifetime. For others it’s only a short journey. It’s all about what you make it. Value life as its short and at the blink of an eye your college career will be over.


Till next time,




5 Tips for Making your College House a Home


Happy Monday, friends!

In the past three days, I have moved into my first college house and started my third year of college. Exciting, I know, but so different than any other year I have lived in Seattle. I now live with my three best friends right down the street from our university in what we call “The White House, Unit C”.

Not only do we have a larger living space (two bedrooms, a big bathroom, a kitchen and a living/ dining room) we also are moving into a completely empty house in which I have now taken mom’s extra roll of toilet paper under the sink for granted. We now have to find room for four wardrobes, stashes of shoes, college school books and so much more that the dorm handed to you.

I love love our new house and the freedom we have to make it our own but it appears to take long and more thought than we had ever expected! Here are a few tips about making your own college house a home:

1. Start moving in slowly.

When we walked into our house with boxes in hand, we paused in shock at how empty it was and how full it got with four college lives in boxes. Moving in slowly allows you to find homes for your belongings! and don’t stress, everything WILL find a home eventually, even if it takes a few weeks.

2. Focus on the essentials.

What does an empty house need? A place to eat, study, and sleep! Yes, it feels stressful to not have a counter to do your make-up on, but you have time! Our house currently has a table and chairs, a couch, and beds! Begin making a list of what your house will need to be more functional when you have time!

3. Don’t stress at the grocery store.

I think that my best friend and I took the longest time in Fred Meyer pacing at what an empty house needs to eat. Breakfast, lunch, AND dinner meal plans are required pre-shopping experience. Shout out to your family who always seems to have syrup in the pantry.

4. Pack your favorite mug.

Your favorite mug can remind you of home when accompanied by a warm cup of coffee. Take a break from moving in and relax.

5. Make it your own with pictures and personal decorations.

Your house can truly look and feel like a home when you surround yourself with pictures of friends and families. Print pictures, buy new frames, and decorate the white walls around you to make your college house a personalized home.

It’s day three and our house is already starting to feel like a home that we own, well, rent! This cozy home is perfect for future blogging inspiration. Bring on the DIY!

See you next Monday,

Xoxo, her.



Welcome everyone,

Thank you for being a part of his this & her that. We are very excited to launch this blog about our lives that we will be sharing together and apart, as life can be seen through many different eyes and perspectives. We decided to start this blog to share a his/her look on life and how they can be similar yet different. Here we will show how cars, fashion, hikes, trends, and life hacks are shown though a “his prospective.” Likewise, how coffee, DIY projects, fashion, trends and life hacks are shown through a “her prospective.” Together we will share our adventures, college experiences, relationship tips, and so much more. We will be posting 3 times a week, starting off on Mondays with a “her” post, Thursdays with a “his” post, and Sunday “us” post. Follow us though our life journey together, and apart. We are looking forward to sharing our blog with you all! Enjoy!

Written by us.