The Importance of Date Night!

We LOVE date nights. And what better time of the week to get all dressed up, head out, and catch up about your weeks over a night dinner with a cute view across the table. With dating long distance especially, we have come to appreciate not only seeing each other as much as we can, but also freshening up and enjoying a long meal together.

Whether you are a fresh relationship or you have been married for 50 years, getting out of the house is a must. Sometimes it is easy to feel trapped in our daily studying, work, sleep, repeat life so date nights give you a reason to leave those worries behind and have fun. We love to watch movies and stay at home, but we recognize the healthy benefits of getting out of the house. Often times, we go on car rides, city adventures, or date nights to escape.

Date night also give us something to look forward to. Because we are both students and work, our weeks go by faster if we have something like seeing each other and going out to look forward to. It makes the week bearable and fly by with a dinner reward at the end. Date nights do not have to be expensive either! We keep a balance between dinner dates and random adventure date nights out, but we do treat ourselves every once in a while.

Lastly, date nights keep you connected to your significant other. Life and get busy, but communication is important. Reflect on ‘his’ post on Thursday, it is always beneficial to maintain healthy communication and to know what is going on in your lover’s life. We may not spend every second with each other, but we keep each other in the loop and often find date nights helpful with catching up on the small things.

Below are a list of our favorite places to have date nights! So put those heels on, wear that watch you think is too fancy, and enjoy date night!

Till next time, xoxo






It can be as simple as a smile. The look that flashes in your eyes. The feeling that rumbles under your skin. The twitchy movements of restlessness. Happiness is and can be a strong emotion. Emotions can tear people apart/ bring them together; they determine the outcome of our lives. Since high school all I’ve been told was “make sure you make lots of money” or “get a good job” well there’s more to it then that. I believe sometimes people get to caught up in “life” and your daily routine is what you make it. Sure money is great, and you can buy things that the poor man couldn’t, but here’s something to remember. When you’re flying down the mountain on your snowboard, racing through the curves in your car or on your motorcycle, climbing a mountain, or whatever it may be that makes you smile is what really matters. Here’s a few things I’ve come up with to determine my own happiness and wanted to share them with you, as I feel the emotion of happiness is far to important to be overlooked.


The stress / Anger test


When you’re driving down the road, someone puts their blinker on and starting coming over in front of you / “cutting you off” how mad do you get? If you drop a ton of loose change at the store, do you accept the fact that it happens, or are you angry and upset? Take a good look at yourself and determine if you find more reasons to be upset in a day if so, take a chance and do something about it.


“How are you doing?”


When someone asks you “how’s it going today?” face it we all say “oh, I’m good how are you?” what’s the real answer to the question. When someone asks you that, do you have more to say? If so, take a chance and do something about it.


Your job / Going home


Oh boy that 9-5 is killing me. Do you find yourself complaining about your job all the time? Do you find yourself going home complaining to your wife, girlfriend, or parents all the time? Are you staring at the clock while on lunch going, 4 hours left idk how I’m going to make it! if so, take a chance and do something about it.




It can be simple. Test yourself everyday and if you find yourself angry, sad, or depressed ask yourself what can you do to change that. My answer is simple. Grab my snowboard and hit the slopes. Grab my camera gear and go capture life in a stunning aspect. Coming home to her, cuddle up and telling her how much I love her. Find the things that make you truly happy, and don’t lose sight on them. Follow your heart and listen to it. It’s not always about your 9-5 work grind and that paycheck at the end of the month. When you smile others smile to. Take a chance and do something about it.


Till next time,


10 Easy Meals for the Entire College House

Now that my roommates and I have been in our house for over a month, we are slowly settling into our routines. I leave for work in the early morning while one goes to her morning class. When I get home, the other has left for class and one just got home. By the time dinner rolls around, it is dark and we are all gravitating towards the couch.

Thankfully we are all so close and enjoy the evening to have family dinners which I highly encourage to keep your roomies close! We take turns cooking and cleaning, but have been together in the meal planning, grocery shopping, dinner making process!

Thanks to my friends at Pinterest, here are a few notable meals that we have made that are easy, cheap, and good for the whole house!

1. Creamy Cheesy Chicken and Rice

It is so easy to throw some shredded chicken into rice and bake it with loaded cheddar cheese. You cannot go wrong with this dish and you can add any greens on the side to get in some veggies. Plus, it gives you time to hit the books while it bakes in the oven.

2. Broccoli Chicken Alfredo

Alfredo is a fan favorite in our house. We love to mix pastas and sauces with fresh greens and chicken! It is so easy to toss together on the nights before grocery day!

3. Chicken Quesadillas

Add some taco seasoning to some shredded chicken and throw it in a tortilla shell with all of your favorite taco toppings. Our griddle has been the MPV for making us great quesadillas the past few weeks. Great and cheap buy!

4. Taco Wednesdays ft. Homemade Guac!

Taco Wednesdays, as we would call it, are for soft or crunchy tacos and homemade guac! Shout out to his dad for the easy guacamole recipe.

1 large avocado

1/2 diced tomato

1 tbs chopped garlic

Salt & Pepper & Garlic salt

Dashed of Lime Juice

1/4 cup cream cheese

5. Stuffed Shell Lasagna

Stuff some boiled shells with ricotta cheese, spinach, Parmesan and drawn it in either white or red sauce (we’ve done both and loved it!) This one is also easy, effortless, and can bake while you check your email.

6. Ritz Cracker Crusted Chicken 

This recipe is from my moms house and it also an easy one to bake. With chicken, the sides are endless, from potatoes to green beans, we love to get fancy with our sides!

7. Veggie Stir fry

Left over rice? The roomie and I used it in our frozen stir-fry. Yum!

8. Breakfast for Dinner

Always a favorite at my house. Grab some bacon and use pancake mix to change up the dinner plans for the night. We recommend brown sugar as your pancake topping of the night!

9. Crescent Roll Chicken Roll-ups

Stuff any frozen crescent rolls with cheesy, chicken, veggies mixes to make easy roll-ups in the oven!

10. Treat yo’ Self!

Every once in a while it is good to treat yourself. We may live together, but we don’t always get the time to catch up. Going out on dates with your roommates once a month will let you all breathe and catch up from your crazy, college lives!



Weekend Warriors!


I don’t know that you can classify our weekend activities as warrior-like, but we sure do tackle weekend adventures like champs! While we both have crazy, busy weeks with working, school, and studying, we love going out on the weekends to get some fresh air and nice views.



Since he has gotten his Crosstrek, we love to go out to the mountains and see what nature has to show us at this time of the year. This past weekend we headed East to the mountains to see the beautiful autumn colors and get lost on untraveled trails. Right outside of Sultan, we drove through the trees and snapped some shots.

img_2291 img_2281

As a couple, we love to spend time in the car talking, listening to music, and seeing the beautiful scenery around us. We also love taking our Canon 6D with us! If you are looking for a great, full-framed camera, we highly recommend!

img_2297 img_2302

till next time , xoxo


His Halloween

Halloween is near, are you ready?

With Halloween just around the corner it can be hard to decide on what to do. Here are a few things that I’ve come up with, also some possible costume ideas.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of different things during my Halloweens and it all comes with age. We all have our traditional “Halloween parties” which are always fun, if you’re into them. If you are, here are some cheap throw together costumes that have always been my go to.

Costumes #1 The Greaser

If you have long hair its perfect for you! All you need is a plain white T, Blue jeans, Black vans, and white socks. Slick your hair back, roll the sleeves up on your shirt and pants, and boom you’re now the cast of grease! Plus it can be a fun couple costume.

Costume #2 Where is he? … Waldo that is!

Where’s Waldo can be fun and easy. All you need is a red beanie and a red and white stripped shirt with some blue jeans, and you’re the life of the party. If anyone can find you that is.

Costume #3 Marty McFly


Everyone knows the classic life preserver look that Marty rocks in Back to The Future. With a red vest, a long sleeve, button up, and blue jeans. Boom another classic party outfit.

With these, they are comfortable the whole night and you don’t have to worry about buying a costume online. You can piece any of them together and wear them outside of Halloween.

If the party life isn’t your thing…

You can always spend the night in. Nothing like scary movies and taking your fear out on some candy. Plus, it can always be another night to hangout with your +1 and enjoy some old classic movies while handing out candy to the little kids who are running all over the neighborhood.

Haunted houses are always fun to. Weather it’s the boys hanging out for the night or you and the lady, it is always a good option.

Here are just a few little helpers to plan your Halloween night! It’s just around the corner and it’s better to get the jumpstart now to prefect that costume or to get yourself some pumpkins to carve!

Till next time,


5 Starbucks Spins to Spice up your Fall Favorites

Calling all coffee fans!

Tis the season to introduce you to the reintroduced flavors of Fall. I have been a barista for Starbucks for over a year and a half and love the company’s innovative activity. Every year, new holiday surprises are highly anticipated to all baristas and customers. Because the weather has shifted MAJORLY in the PNW, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to customize Fall favorites this season!

1. Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte

If you enjoy a spicy tinge on the tip of your tongue, this fall favorite combines the spice of chai tea concentrate with the sweetness of pumpkin spice syrup to create the perfect “fall-in-a-cup” sensation.

What to order: A Chai Tea Latte with pumpkin sauce, whipped cream, and pumpkin spice topping!

2. Salted Caramel White Chocolate Mocha

Though sweet, the salted caramel white mocha can take away some of the “bitterness” tasted in the dark chocolate of Starbucks Mocha sauce. White mocha is a great substitute in any form of coffee to make it a bit sweeter, plus you still get the salt that is a fan favorite at this time of the year!

What to order: A Salted Caramel Mocha with white chocolate sauce instead of mocha sauce!

3. Caramel Apple Spice

Many might recognize this beverage from years ago, however, Caramel Apple Spice does not appear on the Starbucks menu anymore. This beverage adds a sweet cinnamon syrup to steamed apple juice to mix up a twisted apple cider.

What to order: Steamed apple juice with cinnamon dolce syrup, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle!

4. Chai Tea Fusion 

The Chai Fusion was also a fan favorite on the menu many years ago. This beverage contains no dairy product and can add a sour but scrumptious spin on your typical chai tea latte!

What to order: A Chai Tea Latte with steamed apple juice instead of water!

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte with Almond Milk

Starbucks has almond milk! Customer have been waiting years for almond milk that can be substituted into any beverage. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are not only the #1 most ordered beverage in the Fall time, they are also the most fun to substitute and put your own spin on.

What to order: A Pumpkin Spice Latte with almond milk instead of two percent milk (whipped cream optional)!

Happy Sippin’!



A Tribute to Family.

When you stop and think about it, we are so lucky to have people in our lives who are like family to us. But we don’t just have one, or two families in some circumstances, we have three, four, sometimes not even related families. Over the past few years, we have recognized so much love and support that we receive from our families both as we separately go to school and as we grow as a couple. We are so blessed to have several families in our lives that care for us, and we have come to the realization that our relationship, too, has to be family oriented. Here is a tribute to our families who have accepted us for the crazy people we are!

When you start dating, nothing else matters but your significant others. However, there comes a time to “meet the family,” also know as the “impress the family so that they like you” stage. After dating for nearly two and a half years, we have truly gained so many loving family members who know that we are weird but love us anyway. We have also learned so many things from our families to take into our relationship, as well.

We have equally spent enough time with each other’s families to get to know their quirks and it is quite entertaining every time. From family dinners to weekend camping trips, we have learned the value of spending quality time with each other. Quality time happens to be both of our love languages so we find it easy and fulfilling to spend time together. When we get the whole gang together is when we feel most loved and at home.

Integrating families is difficult and may be odd at first but family teaches us to stick with it until the end. When life gets tough, it is easy to throw our hands in the air and walk away, but family teaches us to stick together and support each other in all obstacles that we encounter. Both of our families take credit for raising us in very supporting households and that have helped us support and care for each other.

Our families have given us a place to always come back to and sent us off with many qualities that make us who we are as individuals and as a team. They have taught us to love and care for one another, to learn from our mistakes, to accept one other in every form. and to live our lives with immense curiosity. We owe much of who we are to our families and we will take those qualities as we make our own.

Shout out to her dad, Too Cool Teddy on his birthday this last weekend. For always making us laugh, entertaining us, and teaching us to grow and learn from our mistakes. For giving us a place to stay and sending us with the lessons we have learned, you’re a wonderful father and a great friend, too.

Till next time, Xoxo




the purchase of the Crosstrek

My First car …

Growing up I had always been a car enthusiast. I grew up around building cars and had a lot of influences from my family. My cousin is a painter and when I was 16 I found myself roaming around his shop. There, I found a broken and beat down 1995 Subaru Impreza. With countless hours of work put in by my cousin and I, we transformed it into something special, my first car. Here was the start of a new adventure, and boy was it. From road trips to car shows, we did it all. Her and I had many memories in that car. It was really sad to see it go. I ended up selling the car  (sometimes I wish I hadn’t but it was the right thing to do) and I then began the search for a new car.


The Search ..

As I started looking, I was in the market for a car around 20k. I searched high and low for a newer Subaru Sti but found nothing worth my time, countless dealerships and hours of my life, I was still car less. Then I started talking with her about cars as she was looking to and we found her a beautiful 2013 used GTI in which was perfect for her. So she went after it and was able to purchase her the car! I was excited for her but my status was at an all time low for myself. It seemed like I was never going to find the perfect car. Then one day I stumble into Roy Robinson Subaru in Marysville. This is where it all changed.


The Find .

I went in late on a Thursday night after work to look at a 2013 white WRX when I ran into a salesman by the name of Kelly Adams. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of Kelly. I walked in and was eager to buy a car. As we were walking to look at the WRX I stopped and could not believe how much I liked the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek’s. But I had goo goo eyes for the WRX as it was what I thought I really wanted. We went for a test drive and it felt great but I just wasn’t sold. Kelly told me to go home and sleep on it. That night I couldn’t sleep. That Crosstrek was too good to be true and I knew that it was what I wanted. Went back into the dealership and we ended up finding a 16 White 5speed MT Crosstrek and I had to have it. It was perfect for the lifestyle for her and I. Now I’m in the process of making the car my own. I will be posting with updates on the car, but this is where it all started 9 months ago and 11,000 miles I still love it. So much I actually talked two members of my family into them. If you ever need anything be sure to go see Kelly Adams at Roy Robinson Subaru for all you needs!


Till next time,


Fall Fashion Trends 2016

Fall is quite possibly my favorite time of the year. Not only does warm coffee come back into season, but so do cozy sweaters, chunky scarves, and trendy boots! The Fall season is full of great natural colors and perfect patterns to dress up your daily wear. Here are some fashion trends coming your way this fall!

Bronze & Bold Stripes

In the past years, cargo jackets have really hit the store in all trendy Fall colors such as maroon or olive green. This year, Fall fashion highlights this bright bronze color in many other clothing items such as sweaters and scarves (perfect for all hair colors, too)! I paired this jacket with my favorite striped shirt and new brown booties.

Bronze Jacket: Target $39.99

Brown Booties: Payless $35.99

Pink & Perfect Plaid


Plaid never goes out of style, to be honest. I have tied my new favorite plaid shirt around my waist to add a subtle pattern to this also trendy dusty rose colors shirt. Dusty rose is another color catching up in this years clothing pallet. Personally, I love pink anytime of the year and a faded pink is perfect for Fall colored outfits.

Plaid Shirt: Kohls $15.99

Rose Shirt: Forever 21 $12.98

Dark Denim & Peep Toes

While I know that the PNW is terribly wet for peep-toe booties, they are super trendy right now and offer a cute peek-a-boo to your lifted shoe wear. I love this brown pair but, these shoes come in all colors and look great to dress up just about any Fall outfit.

Peep-Toe Booties: Macys $34.99

My Favorite…Overall


Yes my friends, overalls are back in style! This pair of overalls has been my favorite to dress up and dress down this Fall season. You can match this pair of black overalls with cute booties or casual Chucks like I did, but it is a bold statement that is not too far out of the comfort zone!

Black Overalls: Charlotte Russe $28.99

Look around the stores, these trends will be heading your way!

Xoxo, her.

Why We Created histhis&herthat.


Happy Sunday, friends!

The running trend of blogging has been rising so much in the last few years and I can speak for the both of us when I say that we thoroughly enjoy reading posts on the internet. In our down time separately, we find ourselves surfing the internet for new ideas and stories that other people have shared.
At the end of this summer, I asked him what he thought about me starting a blog to share DIY projects, drawings I’ve made, fashion trends that I have found, and my “two cents” thought with my internet friends. He quickly said he wanted to blog, too, but about his “man” thoughts and he wanted to make it a blog for the both of us. So began his this and her that, and here’s why we started blogging:

To update people with our recent findings.

At this age, we are discovering new things through our hobbies such as, her new fashion trends and his new hikes and adventure findings. We love to share with others the things that we are interested in and passionate about. Stay tuned for more posts to learn a little more about each of us.

To share our adventures with our friends.
We love hiking, going for long drives, and adventuring to new places. As a couple, we would love to travel in the future and share with others the things we liked and discovered about each place. We will even post about great places to eat or fun things to do in the PNW area around us. We hope to inspire our readers to travel.

To stay connected to each other.
Because we are dating long distance right now while studying and working, a blog is just another way for us to stay connected and document our progress. This blog will help us appreciate the little things that we have been blessed with and give us more reasons to get together and share our thoughts with each other.
Till next time, Xoxo.