His and her Q&A for the Holidays

His and her Holiday Q&A.

Okay friends, we can FINALLY begin celebrating the holiday season! Not only does the weather get a little colder, but the malls get a little busier and the atmosphere gets a lot more cheerful! It is definitely our favorite time of year, so we thought we would share a bit of our own Christmas cheer with you all by answering some commonly asked holiday questions, enjoy!

What traditions does your family celebrate during the holiday season?

Her: We have too many to count! Along with Black Friday shopping, my family gets their Christmas tree on the first weekend after Thanksgiving and brings up the decorations earlier than most! We also have an annual craft day and a day for baking Christmas goodies. On the eve of Christmas eve, my brother and I receive pjs to wear that night and on Christmas morning, we search the tree for the bell ornament to find out who opens the first gift.

His: My family was never really traditional, I mean we have the typical, dad puts the star on top of the tree and my moms bomb angel food cake! But honestly that’s about it, each year is a different experience but we always manage to have a great time!

What is your best memory from this time of the year?

Her: My most favorite memory was when we lived on Whidbey island and my grandparents stayed the night on Christmas eve. My mom, grandmother and I slept in the daylight basement and I swear I heard reindeer bells that night. I found out (a few years ago) that my dad actually did ring bells outside the glass door to trick me.

His: It was a stormy night close to Christmas and I remember that I had to go to bed for school the next morning when I was woken up by my family’s “its snowing!” we ran outside as we live really close to a hill and sledded for the whole night.  Then came inside and brewed up some hot chocolate. Was one of the best nights of my life.

What is your favorite gift that you have received for Christmas?

Her: A few years ago, I received a Nikon camera from my parents after really getting into photography. The camera was a huge surprise and has helped me in many Senior photo shoots, family portraits, and fun adventures!

His: Best gift? That’s a tough one, growing up its always been about one thing you really want, and I know my parents always tried to make our dreams come true. I remember I was about 8 years old and I wanted a skate board so bad that every day I asked my mom for one and that Christmas morning there she was waiting for me. I quickly found out that ill stick to snowboarding as concrete was much harder to fall on.

Favorite holiday food?

Her: Hands down, grandma’s homemade noodles!

His: Those Holliday cookies are too good to pass up!

Till next time xoxo


Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day!!

Today we give thanks for all that we have. Family, friends, adventures, no matter what life has given us we are thankful for it. The holidays can be a tricky time of year with family’s friend’s and time. With this time of year being so compact its important to spend time with everyone but how do you fit everyone in?

Well here is my idea, try and make time for everyone, as simple as that sounds some have very large families. It doesn’t have to always be for the dinner its more about the day! You can do breakfast at one house then dinner at the other, or maybe dinner at one and desert at the other. Find something that works and run with it. Family is loving and make sure you do your best to keep everyone involved.

This thanksgiving her and I went to all our homes and families and made a complete day out of it, and while she’s out doing her thing black Friday shopping and I’m home doing hw. We had a great and wonderful day.

Till next time,


Shout Out to My Products!

Happy Monday, Friends!

As winter approaches, so does the rain and cold weather in the PNW. This means that (LADIES!) we need to take care of our bodies! I’m not just talking about staying active when outside looks so drab, but also taking care of your skin, hair, and face while it endures the harsh weather for you!

I thought I would share some of my favorite products with you all so you can take care of yo’ self, too!

1. Hair


Pureology: I bleach my hair and this shampoo and conditioner duo is perfect for keeping my hair bright and not brassy!


Pureology: This leave-in conditioner acts as a moisturizer, silk serum, and thermal protector all in one! Use it on your damp hair before you style it to protect your hair and keep it bouncy!

2. Face


Lush: Lush’s got me falling in love with this lavender, rose water! This water sprays on clean skin to clean and moisturize OR it can be used to set your make up and bring life back to your face. And it smells good!


EOS: With this winter weather, do not forget that your lips need love, too! Carry it around with you like your phone, it will be a life saver!


Apricot Scrub: I love this gentle, soft smelling face and body scrub. For those with sensitive skin, this is perfect for feeling like you’re getting in deep with the beads, but not damaging your skin. This can help you with dry skin when added with a light face lotion after.

3. All Over Skin


Hempz: All time favorite any time of the year! Keeps your skin hydrated and smalls great!

Make sure to listen to your body when the weather makes it unhappy and keep drinking water, my friends!





Today we decided to pack up and head out to a local mountain top parking lot. With a simple phonecall to family we were off on our adventure for breakfast and some overlanding. As you may know we love to adventure and to explore. We have a ’16 Subaru Crosstrek that we have been upgrading for our future adventures and today we decided to test its limits a little. Here are some photos of our first overland trip in the crosstrek.


img_2402 img_2434




This will not be our last for sure, coming into the winter season we will save and make some upgrades / modifications to our gear and you can all expect a very adventurous summertime!

Till next time xoxo,


Pre Winter 2016

Winter is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited.

Winter is my favorite time of year. I love being bundled up by the fire, drinking hot chocolate with those mini marshmallows with her. The holidays during winter always bring people and family together. Most importantly it’s snowboard season!! Time to hit the slopes, but not without going over a few things first. It’s always good to have a pre season list so you don’t get caught off guard when you go up to the mountain.

Gear Check:

I normally start off with my outfit-I always dress myself first and make sure I have everything I need: a good base layer, socks, boots, pants, belt, jacket, face mask, goggles, and helmet. Always check your gear for rips or imperfections that could cause your experience on the mountain to be ruined, such as a rip in your jacket, a hole in your boots etc. There is nothing worse than being cold, so make sure you’re comfortable and your experience will be unforgettable.

Board Check:

I currently ride a 2016 YES Standard and I love it because it is awesome for pow days as well as laps in the park. I wax it after every trip just to keep a few layer of wax on the board. I always wax it before I put it away for the summer as your board can dry rot, causing you to loose speed on the slopes during the winter. Not all people like to/ know how to wax their own equipment so having someone do it every 5 or so trips will work just fine. Make sure that before your first trip you make sure all bindings are tight, your board is waxed and there are no cracks or holes in your board. Having snow stick to the bottom of your board isn’t the most fun. Face it, boarders just want to have fun.

Vehicle Check:

Pass driving isn’t always easy; I have had my fair share of scary trips coming home from the pass. Make sure to have your pass rig checked before making your journeys up and down the pass. Any Les Schwab (come in and see me!) offers free Pre Trips Safety inspections where we check out your vehicle. Make sure your tires, brakes, front End, shocks/ struts, and battery to make sure it’s all in working order. Nothing like being stranded waiting for a tow. So get those vehicles checked for yourself and the others around you.

See you all up there! If you are a Stevens pass member be sure to say hello and let’s do some laps!

Till next time, 


The Necessity of Self-care.

It’s not selfish, it’s self-care and it is important! 

Admit it, we have all been so caught up in our busy lives that we just crack sometimes. We get far too good at complaining and convincing ourselves that we can never get out of the slumps of work, school, eating, sleeping, and repeating. But my friends, PLEASE do not forget to take care of yourself! When life gets busy, take a moment to breathe and revive your spirit!

Here are a few of my favorite self-care activities:

1. Go for a walk

My roommate and I love going for walks around our beautiful Seattle apartment, pretty much in any season. We walk anywhere from Fremont to Greenlake. Going for walks and being active will keep your brain on point and give your body a little stretch that it deserves. You will feel rejuvinated and ready to focus when you come back.

2. Watch a TV show or movie

Netfilx: the prime suspect of college student procrastination. But it is okay, I promise! Take time to lounge on the couch and refresh your favorite TV series. Grab a blanket and a cup of cocoa to reach ultimate relaxation mode!

3. Take a nap

It is okay to lay down for a while. You deserve rest with how hard you work. Catch some Z’s mid-day to wake up with better focus and a better mood.

4. Take a drive/ explore a new place

Sometimes it is nice to take a break with a new scenery. Get out of the house, catch a breath of fresh air, maybe find a new coffee shop to just chill in, but whatever you do, do not bring your homework with you. Enjoy the time away from your work and relax a bit.

5. Give yourself some media time

I am a huge fan of Pinterest in times of stress. I love sitting on my phone and reading the new Cosmo articles while pinning delicious food recipes. Limit your time on the social media, but take some time to catch up and tune into your social realm.

My friends, please take care of yourselves! I give you permission.



Our Dos and Don’ts of Long Distance Dating.

Happy Sunday to all of our friends!

We have been sucked into the busiest time of the year with the holidays, upcoming finals weeks, and the lazy darkness of day light savings. On a different note, we have just passed the two and a half year mark as a couple, yay!

Though it has been a humbly long-lasting relationship as a young couple, we have spent over half of that time apart, and let us tell you-it is not easy. We may bicker as any couple would, but being apart is much more difficult to hug it out after arguments or get together for a quick movie when you are free. It is especially difficult to rely on our phones to communicate and grow, but we make it work. We have a goal to keep it together and that is what makes it worth it. Here are some tips that you might find helpful through the long distance:

Do Not:

Avoid the fact that long distance is hard work.


We know, it is hard! While it takes ambition at first to commit to long distance dating, it is completely okay to recognize that distance is hard work. Communication becomes more important, time together becomes more valuable, and the drive to work harder is real. You can be emotional about it, too. Do not avoid talking about how hard it is, but also continue to affirm how worth it that it is to both of you.

Make Excuses

As we have mentioned, it is hard work! But that does not mean that you can make excuses to avoid the hard work. You work for what you want, and excuses like “I don’t have time…” and “I forgot…” will not keep you strong. Be honest with your significant other because they care and are understanding when you are busy or need a bit of alone time.

Make Irrational Assumptions

Have some trust for that long-distance lover of yours! While it is difficult to communicate when you are relying on that morning text from him, you cannot assume he hates you and wants to break up if he wakes up late and forgets to text you. Be patient, understanding, and avoid assuming the worst. If something seems off, bring it up in an appropriate manner and talk it out before you let your conscience ramble on. (It also tends to throw your significant other into confused, attack mode when you randomly send them the cold-text shoulder).

Make Promises that You Cannot Keep

My friends, it is not making promises to call your significant other at 8:43 pm every night and to see them every Saturday for dinner that keep you together forever. Yes, communication is important and date nights are fun, but we are human and far from perfect. Events come up, group projects get in the way and these promises are not always kept. To avoid disappointing your significant other and causing unwanted conflict, do not promise things that might not be always attainable.


Set Goals

The next best idea aside from promising is setting goals. Make it a goal to see your significant other once a week and call them when you are walking home from class. When you set goals as a couple, you both have a clear understanding of what is expected of each other in the group effort and you have a clear directions as to where you are headed. We like to call once a day, text when we can, and see each other once a weekend if possible.

Creatively and Regularly Communicate

With distance, communication is truly key. We struggle with communication in the ambiguity and assumption categories. When all you have is your cell phone, you become more dependent on those phone calls and little texts. We like to text, call, and stay connected over social media such as sending each other links to cool pictures or sharing articles over social media. It not only allows for more ways share life with each other, it also helps to feel connected with such distance.

Appreciate the Opportunities

When you finally get to see each other, appreciate the opportunities that arise.  While we might not see each other every weekend, we make the most of that time that we do. This also includes making time to see your significant other. You can also make surprise visits and weekend get-aways perfect opportunities to see each other in a fun way.

Stay Honest and Keep In-Touch

Life can get busy and communicating can be difficult without face-to-face interaction, updating your lover on your life is important. Remember that they care about your day at work and about your dull professors in lecture, too. They love to follow up on your midterms and asking how you slept the night before. Do not leave your significant other out of those little details in life. It is that kind of honest and communication that will keep you connected and willing to endure hardships with love and support.

We wish you much endurance and love,

Till next time, xoxo


Sip, Study, & Chat.

To follow up on our last post, I wanted to share one of my favorite things things to do on a rainy day: enjoy the company of my mug! 

I have been a barista for a year and a half, but an avid coffee-drinker for a few more years now. I love my job and the fun collaborations that I can put together, as well as the knowledge I have learned about the quality of coffee and how the drinks are composed into masterpieces.

After living in Seattle, one of the largest coffee connoisseur populations, I have visited and fell in LOVE with so many quaint coffee shops and great cups of coffee! Here are a few (possibly too many!) of my favorite coffee shops around Seattle to go visit:

For Studying: big tables, good coffee, and plenty of outlets!

  • Yellow Dot Cafe, Fremont
  • Cafe Fiore, Queen Anne
  • Starbucks, University Village Complex
  • Roy Street, Capitol Hill

For Catching up with a Friend: quaint atmosphere, comfy seating, and good vibes

  • Oddfellow Cafe, Capitol Hill
  • Bustle, Queen Anne
  • The Ugly Mug, UW Campus
  • Fresh Flours, Greenwood

For a Great Cup of Coffee: delicious tastes, yummy pastries, and beauifully crafted

  • Ballard Coffee Works, Ballard
  • Anchored Ship, Ballard
  • Cafe Ladro, Queen Anne
  • Storyville, Pike Place

Comment and share some of your favorite shops with us!



PNW Rainy Daze

PNW Rainy dayz

Yes, they happen quite often here in the PNW but they are days that can’t be wasted. Here are a few things to do while the sun is hiding and our friend the rain is here to visit!

That movie you’ve been wanting to see

Not everyone likes to go see the movie fresh out in theaters, sometimes its nice to let the crowds die down or wait for that rainy day. Heck you can even wait till it comes out, cuddle up grab some hot coco and boom! Movie time.

Take a Walk  

Umbrellas are a thing and they work! Sometimes it nice to get out and feel the fresh air no matter the weather, but make sure to not catch yourself to far out as it can result in a pretty wet afternoon. Talking from experience on that one.

Car Ride Adventure

Sometimes you just gotta buckle up and hit the open road and go somewhere fun, new, and explore. We always have fun just winging it on rainy dayz.

Board games with family

It’s kind of like when the power goes out. You kind of forget how much fun a simple board or card game can be until you’re gathered around the table with friends or family going at it in a game of triply or Yahtzee trust us its fun.

Fun DYI Projects

Try baking something you’ve found its always a fun advnreture in the kitchen just putting sometime together thats good and makes the house smell good nothing like warm treats on a cold day.Also while they are baking, no better time to be productive then a rainy day, pull your car in and give it the tune up or install that new part. For her, paint your nails that new color you’ve been looking for. Together you can rip apart the house for a new look, sometimes re arranging things/ throwing things you don’t need away, or making something new can add a lot to your home.

Well although her doesn’t like rain all that much she still puts her rain boots on and stomps in puddles. Rain can be gloomy but as PNW adventures we can’t let any day go to waste and with each day is a different use so no day is ever taken for granted. Enjoy your up coming rainy dayz!

Till next time, xoxo


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions.


When it comes to terms and conditions many of us don’t even think but to push accept. Well maybe you should read about what it is you’re actually signing up for?  There is a lot more that meets the eye when it comes to relationships. Its key to know what you just agreed to. Its not like it’s a bad thing, but here are some terms and conditions you have signed up for when you agree to a relationship.



Trust is something you have to give to your partner no matter what, you can be broken from the past but that doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t deserve your all. It’s important to put them before anyone. also to always be truthful, as without it your relationship will not last.


The days:

Bad days, or good days their days are your days. Take care of her on the days when she’s sad, mad or upset and tell her how much she means to you always remind her why she wakes up and picks you every morning.


The Fam:

A relationship isn’t just him & her you’re signing yourself up for the whole family. So its important to take a look at her family and make sure that you’re making a good choice.  As her family will become yours and let me tell you, it can be beautiful if you make the right choice.


The lifestyle:

Its not just about what you share in common but what you share out of common, sure she is attractive and all your friends compliment her, but what’s she like? How is she financially? Is she a big spender? All of these will pay an effect on your life.


Relationships are a verbal contract to give that person your everything. So make sure you’re doing that, over the course of a long term relationship it can be easy to lax a little or to forget things but sometimes you just have to take a step back and remember why you signed up to be with them. If everything goes right relationships are beautiful and from my own personal experience. Sometimes you just know when she’s the one.


Till next time,