Her 2016 Reflection

Hi friends,

Our blog is just shy of 5 months old and I feel as though this time has flown by – this whole year has flown by! We started the blog for many reason, one being to stay connected with each other and to update our friends and family as we develop into adults, move out, get educated, work, and learn how to… do life! 

I have had so much fun writing these posts and I thought that a great post to end the year with would be a few of my thoughts and what I have to reflect on over the year. I hope you find humor in these and can reflect on your own round-up thoughts!

As a student, I am now in the depths of my major, constantly studying, squinting, and stressing over what’s due next and how to make it through college. In Spring, I will be traveling abroad and  have learned to stay on top of my organization skills. Things such as planners or calendars, we have an app called Band that we love to use as a calendar with each other, will keep you in the loop.

As a daughter and sister, I have reminded myself that my family will always be there, but it is my job to reach out, too. Don’t forget that they love and support you most and will always be there, even when you don’t feel like going home.

As a girlfriend, I have learned so much about long term/ long distance relationships. I have learned to be interested in what your significant other is interested, try new things together, travel together and do nothing but love each other. 

As I wrap up the year, I am both ready and refreshed for a new year to come.

Cheers, 2016!

Xoxo, her.

A Very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our followers and friends!

We have been so busy this last week and took the week off to spend time with family and friends…and to finish Christmas gift shopping.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas as you spend time with your loved ones and safe travels as you make your way home. Thank you for your love and support!




His & Her Gift-Giving Guide!


Happy Sunday, friends!

It is exactly one week until Christmas and we sure are not ready, are you? We are both so giddy and excited, but scrambling to find last minute gifts and finalizing plans. As a couple who has been through many Christmases together, we know the struggle with buying gifts for you significant other. It can feel stressful to find a gift worth giving to the person you know and love the most, that is why we are here to help!

Gifts for Her:

The women in your life can be both easy and hard to shop for – being simple is the best way to go. For me, I like to get her something that she will use every single day. Something that will make her smile every time she sees it or uses it. It also depends on how long she has been in your life. Maybe start out with a coffee mug she has had her eye on, a blanket, or a article of clothing. Then, move into something more expensive down the road. Such as, a watch, necklace, rings, ear rings, something that sparkles just as she does in your life.

Just  simple is key, I like to focus on quality over quantity, give her something that lasts a lifetime instead of filling her entire shelf. Remember that the best gift of all is her.

Gifts for Him: 

Ladies, I get it… men are the WORST to shop for during the holidays. You cannot just buy them a cute purse, a fancy shirt, or a yummy smelling fragrance, you have to find something that a man would like. For my man, I like to think about things that I could get him that he would not normally buy for himself.

I promise you, men like clothing. If they know that you like that shirt and you think they look good in that shirt, they will wear that shirt and appreciate you dressing them. I also like to focus on his hobbies. Think about things that I could buy him when he goes snowboarding or little things for his car that he would appreciate and use like new gloves, a new undershirt, or a new jacket. If you are feeling a little sappy, consider pictures or DIY gifts. One of my favorite gifts for him was a bracelet with coordinates of our favorite park. Other presents to consider: concert tickets, new headphones/ electronics or accessories, things for his room, etc.

This year, we are exchanging stockings with little stocking stuffers – basically anything that we buy must fit in the stocking. We have also set a price limit. Depending on how long you have been dating, that price can change.

And when all else fails, friends, spread the love!

Till next time, xoxo


Checking It Twice

The List:

Christmas is next weekend and what’s on your list? For me it’s more than gifts.

Christmas time is so pure and joyful. Everyone is excited and counting down the days. What is it that you want for Christmas? A new watch? A game? A snowboard? A car? Well whatever it may be, let it make you smile. 

The holidays, for me, aren’t about gifts – it’s about family. I love when we all get together and do dinners, laugh, and play games or go on trips. The family gives me crap for it, but family is the best and they will love you no matter what you do! We have to remember what the holidays are all about. It’s not about what you get, it’s about what you give. Giving doesn’t always have to be about gifts, or money. Giving can be as simple as a smile, a laugh, or an adventure.

Just remember that Santa is always watching you and he’s double checking his list! Make this holiday seasons memorable, take care of your family and significant other and let love lead the way!

Till next time,


A Merry College Christmas!

Congrats college students, you are finally done with exams and winter break is upon us. It is now that time that we travel back home – some take flights and others take long drives, but we all find our way to our families. While we all make our way home, I thought that I would share some fun holiday traditions that my roommates and I celebrated this year and a few plans that you might consider in your time off!

Among the spastic studying and finished finals, my roommates and I decorated the apartment to make it feel a little more merry as we sat in front of our computers, dreaming of Christmas break. We strung some globe lights around the living room, hung a few stockings, and lit seasonal candles, all to being the spreading of Christmas spirit. Every once in a while, we would jam to music and watch a few Hallmark movies as study breaks.

One of our roommates lives in California, so we made sure to have a family Christmas morning the day before she left. We slept in and woke up to coffee and presents under our pink tinsel tree. Having a morning to spend with each other and exchange presents was especially special for our little family and we will most DEFINITELY be doing that every year.

The night before our roommate flew home, we wrapped up our festivities with a holiday movie at the Northgate theater and managed to sneak a whole box of cookies into the theater. Four stars from myself for this year’s hit “Office Christmas Party” – pretty hilarious and very vulgar.

A few things to look forward to this break:

  • Woodland Park Zoo Lights – Seattle, WA /$9.95 until Jan. 1
  • Leavenworth, WA daily tree lighting – 12 pm-4 pm festivities
  • Color Me Mine – Mill Creek, WA /pottery painting
  • Snowflake Lane – Bellevue, WA until Dec. 24
  • Lights of Christmas – Warm Beach, WA /$16 until Dec. 28

What are some festivities you are looking forward to this break?

Relax & enjoy,



Winter Break Here We Come!

Together we explore!

Winter break is here, so bring on the Christmas cheer! With finals over, to celebrate her and I decided to head out and explore some snow, threw a few snowballs, took a few pictures, laughed, loved and smiled. Here is what we found!

img_2578 img_2580-2 img_2589 img_2630 img_2632 img_2648 img_2678 img_2681 img_2693 img_2682  

We came, we explored and will be back again! To a great weekend and to winter break! See you all Monday with her post!

Till next time




The BackCountry AT

Testing in the snow.

As you may or may not know, I am a current employee at Les Schwab tire center and recently have fitted some All terrain tires on my Crosstrek called “Backcountry SQ4 All Terrains” I’ve enjoyed the tire this far, and a few days back my family and I put them to the test.

We headed up to Barlow Pass, which is a very beautiful place in the PNW this time of year for snow! We ended up finding roughly 8-12 inches of snow on the road way and was I impressed with these tires. I also am always on Stevens Pass in the winter so it was nice to see what these tires could really do.

The game plan was to head out to Barlow Pass and to go explore the terrain, well we ended up driving right on through till my dad got stuck in his new Toyota Tacoma. Where we then headed back to a lunch spot for an overland cookout. We then headed back out and returned home, I had no issues and feel very confident behind the wheel when I know there is snow and ice.

After 1000 miles on the tires,

1-10, 10 being best.

Dry traction: 9

Road noise: 9

Wet traction: 8

Snow and ice traction: 8

Overall I would purchase this tires again for another one of my cars that fit them. They are a great looking tire and handle well in all conditions. If you ever need a set you can always swing by and see me at the Mukilteo Les Schwab.

Till next time,


DIY Christmas Crafts!

Happy Monday, chilly friends!

20 days until Christmas, can you believe it?

Every year, my mom invites our family and friends over for a Christmas craft day to spend time together and create trendy decorations with each other. This year, we had some of my favorite DIY decorations that we have done so far! I have shared some pictures from this years craft day and similar links on my personal favorite… Pinterest!

Tube Sock Snowmen

dsc_0945   dsc_0943

Wooden Santas

dsc_0970 dsc_0963

Wood Block Ornaments

dsc_0948 dsc_0959

Happy craftin’!



4 Tips for Taking on Winter Finals

Calling all college students!

Tis’ the night before finals and all through the dorms students are cramming, much more than the norm.

For many of us, this upcoming week is finals week for Winter quarter. That means that we are locking ourselves in our rooms and staring at our computers for hours upon hours. It also means that we are just a few days closer to a long, much needed break, yay! As we, too, are among our study guides, we thought that we would shine some advice for finals week survival to our followers!

1. Trust Your Knowledge

Sometimes we psyche ourselves out when it comes to big, accumulative tests. We get overwhelmed with how many terms we need to know and how long our study guide is. But do not forget that you do know this information. You have been in this class, listening to lectures, taking tests, and writing papers on this material for the entire quarter. You know this stuff! Trust that your brain remembers what you have learned and knock ’em dead.

2. Take Care of Yourself

I know, I know. You need more time to study, you don’t know any for the material, you don’t have time to take care of yourself. But taking care of yourself is the most important thing to help your brain function how it should. Take a walk with fresh air, eat healthy, sleep well, and socialize every once in a while. Ladies, use Christmas shopping as an excuse to step away from those lecture notes for a few hours. Just do your brain a favor and relax a bit!

3. Find Your Studying Style

This can be the key to your success – figure out how you study best and you will study much more efficiently and quickly. Some study best in silence, others away from their house or early in the morning. Whatever works best for you is how you will help yourself out the most this finals week.

4. Get Rid of Distractions

Easy tip, but true. Instagram is not going to help you ace your finals and neither will your dog filter on snap chat. With so many distractions, it can interrupt your studying pattern and guide you away from your important studies. If you absolutely cannot live without your phone, set limits and stick to them!

Happy finals week to all, and to all (‘B’ is almost always right).

Till next time,

Xoxo – H&H

5 Ways to Shop Smart this Holiday

Admit it, we love the holiday season because everything seems to be on sale and irresistible to your shopping cart. Every mall store and decorative box is wrapped up for Christmas in glitter and bows. Who doesn’t love to shop during this time of the year? We all love finding the perfect gift for others or treating ourselves to something special during Christmas to say “thank you” or “I was thinking of you and bought this”. But sometimes we over spend and come out of the season less merry than we should be.

I have crafted some of my best tips for saving money during this time of the year to help you all as you enter the season of giving!

1. Pay attention to the ACTUAL sales

We can all get sucked into the Black Friday, Cyber Monday gig, and believe me, it is a blast to join. But while everything might tell you it’s a sale, most times the price is no different at all. Watch the items you are looking for, check many stores, and watch the prices to see if that “sale price” is truly a sale.

2. Check online, too

Nowadays, we tend to not even go out to department stores to shop anymore. All of what we use for shopping comes from online websites such as Amazon or eBay. Checking your product out online can give you a better feel for pricing and finding the store that sells what you need for the lowest price.

* Be sure to not be tricked by shipping and handling prices, and check that your delivery date will make it in time!

3. Look in the mail for coupons

I cannot tell you how much money I have saved with bringing physical coupons into stores from my mail or catalogue subscriptions. Even checking your phone for a quick coupon while you wait in line can help save you a littl bit of money. Every penny counts!

4. Put consideration into your gift

Don’t just buy gifts willy nilly. You can actually save a lot of money by carefully considering you  gift choices for others because you are not going to the store, buying whatever bath soap your friend might like. Instead, choose a gift that suits them well and watch for those sales!

5. Try a DIY this year

I love me a good DIY find in Pinterest for the holidays! Anything from homemade blankets to DIY mugs and Christmas decor, you can find new ways to save by making gifts yourself. Plus, they are more personalized and thoughtful than a gift card.

I hope this was helpful for you wild shoppers out there, go get ’em and save a few bills while you’re at it!