Lets go somewhere <3

Let’s go adventure!

Sometimes it’s nice to get out and go somewhere. We humans always get caught up in how busy our lives are, and it can detract from what’s important in life. So my request to all is that we get out and be go getters. Plan trips to somewhere that you see on Instagram or you’ve always wanted to go. You can never travel enough. This is how I like to do it

Pick a spot

Find somewhere that really makes you excited/ a travel buddy unless you want to travel alone


Check your budget

Although a trip across the world would be awesome, sometimes that’s not always realistic. A simple weekend get away is nice and can be done for only a couple hundred dollars.

Check your time

Work and school can also get in your way but we all can make time. Take a weekend to focus on yourself and get away and if you have to call out sick, live a little and enjoy what Is your life.


Don’t second guess your decision, you can be all excited and then realize that you have other stuff to do. Well put it on the back burner. This is your time to shine and go explore.

Explore while you’re young and free. Once you’re in the core of life it becomes harder and people/ couples or families lose sight of relaxing and enjoy yourself.

Till next time,


Late Night Munchies!

It’s 9:15 p.m… feeling like you should get ready for bed – start settling down, wash your face, brush your teeth, but you are hungry. You think, it’s been 4 hours since you’ve had dinner and you have plenty of easy things to eat as a quick snack, but nothing sounds good enough to hit the munchies spot. We’ve all been there, my friends! You’re just about to crawl in bed, and the late night munchies strikes again!

Because we tend to find ourselves hungry more and more before bed, we have collaborated a list of easy, but yummy midnight snacks to try to satisfy that crave!


Homemade Popcorn

One of our all time favorite snacks before bed is homemade popcorn. Throw some hot oil in a pop and listen to the delicious kernels pop into buttery, puffy munchies! If you find yourself in the Eastern Washington area, Smallwoods Farm has the BEST Snow Puff popcorn that we highly recommend.


Special Snack Mix

What a better way to snack than a pre-made snack mix of your favorite treats. This collaboration can go either sweet with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and typed of cereal, or savory with pretzels, goldfish, and mixed nuts. Grab a bowl of your mix and catch the end of a late night show.


Ham, Cheese, Croissants

If the thought of waiting for the oven doesn’t bring you anxiety, try a savory croissant as a filling snack. Using uncooked croissants, add ham, cheese, and a little seasoning to have a small snack to fill your empty belly.


Tortilla Pizza

Again, this will take some worthwhile patience from you! Tortilla pizzas are the new thing to eat instead of pizza dough. Just use a soft taco tortilla, spaghetti sauce, and cheese to brown a perfectly easy pizza!

When all else fails, we appreciate chocolate and cheese-itz!

Sweet dreams, late night munchers!

Till next time, xoxo.



YES! The 2015 Yes Standard is my current snowboard of choice and I can honestly say that I am very impressed. Some park laps to pow stashes it handles like a dream!

The Flex:

The board has a 4.5/5 flex rating so those butter tricks and staying on top of pow is that much easier and it won’t buck you all over the groomers. I also decided to go with a union binding set up that is stiff to give it a solid pull to help with pop off features or ollies.

The Camrockers:

What can I say? They bite hard when you carve and they do there job – I can find myself parallel with the snow with no issues and full trust in my edge also allowing for a smooth ride when you decide to open up your turns.

Equal Swing Weight:

For those pop 180’s or butter tricks, it’s nice to have something with equal swing. You aren’t forcing the board to come around it almost feels natural. The weight distribution is flawless and allows for easy spins.


The YES snowboard company always has a special place in my heart for there styling. It is board that will put a smile on your face and turn heads on the mountain. Just watch out for the no-good people with sticky fingers. I’ve personally had a snowboard go missing and it was an awful experience. So keep and eye out and enjoy the ride!

All in all, I would recommend any YES snowboard as most of my buddies ride YES, but make sure to do your research and find out what one is for you!

Till next time,


Make a Move Challenge

“Comfort is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there”

I’m going to be honest with you all, it is the first month of the new year and I am stagnant. Dormant, sluggish, stationary – sucked into a daily routine.

I wake up at 3:30 in the morning, Monday – Friday.

Drive to the same job with the same opening tasks every morning. With the same co-workers who don’t want to be there, the same negative attitudes with the same questions: “How was your weekend?” “What did you do last weekend?” “Is it Friday yet?” When I leave work, it’s always raining in the city as I drive the same drive home, eat, sit in daunting class lectures, come home to do homework, eat, and go to bed just to do it all over again.

I am tired all the time, or just bored… I can’t tell, and find it too easy to complain to those around me. But I am comfortable here. But it’s not comfort than lets us grow and live out of our daily rut. If the weather’s got you down or you feel less confident about tomorrow’s agenda, let’s make a movement together and live anti-stagnate!

Find a new hobby

Sometimes movement is as easy as taking on a new hobby and expressing creativity apart from our daily lives. Try a new sport, see if you are a secret artist, start a blog (I highly recommend this one!), take on introduction lessons for piano – you never know what a new passion will do to your life!

Plan a vacation (or stay-cation!)

Rest, relax, kick back from those stressful days at work and plan a vacation you’ve been saving up for! Enhancing your adventurous warrior will help you look forward to better days and fun memories. If all else fails to hit the agenda, plan a stay-cation and discover hidden secrets around your current location, or binge watch movies with your favorite snacks. Your mind needs rejuvinated too, my friends!

Try something new

If a hobby is too much commitment for you, try new things when given the opportunity. Hang out with a new groupd of people, invite your friends over for a game night, or take a beginner’s yoga class. Your mind is easily exciteable if you give it a reason to rest and recharge! Sometimes it is as easy as getting out of the house that makes you feel…alive!

Take care of your body

Do not discount your body that lets you live! Make sure you are resting, eating well, and staying active. Try going the extra mile with a new manicure, an inviting facial, or swicthing up your hair colors to bring out your wild side!

Express current gratitude

And when you are convinced that you simply have NO time to do any of these tips (you have time, I promise!) express your current gratitude by recognizing the beauty around you. Recognize your loved ones and great friends who listen to you complain and offer a helping hand. Reflect on the positive aspects of your day, even if it is as simple as a hug from your good friend.

So my friends, my challenge to you is this: when you feel your life getting stagnate, make a move!



2017 Places

Places to Explore in 2017:

Here in the PNW there are so many places to explore and travel. I’ve personally lived here for 21 years and have yet to see close to everything here. I’ve been thinking of places that I would like to travel this year and maybe give you guys some ideas as well. Her will take off in a little over a month to travel the world, studying abroad. She will have the time of her life and I am really excited for that. It was got me thinking of the places we see and how where we go is really important in our lives. here are few places I would like to go and things I would like to do.

A 2017 Snowboard trip-

With resorts all over on this side of the US, I’ve riding the same one for years, season after season, and its time to take a trip to change things up. Possible Jackson hole, Salt Lake City, mammoth mountain depends on overall snowfall and conditions.

A 2017 Overland tip-

Starting to get more parts for the Crosstrek and prepping for what’s to come, I would like to take a trip consisting of 2-3 days with her and family. Heading on trails each day and exploring the wilderness.


I haven’t been to Disneyland since 2006 (cant believe that was 11 years ago now) and a lot has changed since then would like to take a trip back and get my fun on in the sun @ Disney.


So many things to do in Canada and with it only be 2 hrs away, her and I will have to go and explore and show you what we find!

Here we go 2017! Comment below and let me know if there any places that are a must see in the PNW!

Till next time,



Bounce Back, Baby!

Back to school, ugh. I know we are all feeling the weight of a terribly cold and seemingly never-ending winter upon us. With school starting up again, homework piling up, and a long 2017 planned ahead of us, I offer some personal encouragement that has gotten me through this hump called life! Let me tell you a story about some of the most influential people in my life:

Six years ago, I met my life long best friend. I could not ask for a better person to share my love and friendship with. Reflecting on the new year and going into the third year as being her roommate, I am so blessed to say that she has taught me things that I cherish such as how to be expressive, share my thoughts and feelings openly, and to take time to care for myself. I am a better person because of who she has helped me to be. She lifts me up when I am down and builds me and challenges me every day.

Though the year feels long and things feel heavy in this time of life, I will take time to reflect and be so grateful for her friendship and how she has helped me bounce back. We are given these people in life to help us stand again and recognize the little things in life.

My advice to you in the new year, always bounce back!

Xoxo, her

Wish list

2017 wish list,

with the new year here already, I’ve been thinking of things that will make this year special. Such as little gifts or improvements, and here are a few things I’ve come up with for my wish list.

Drone- I’ve wanted a drone for a while now and I think this year will be when I finally commit some of the places that her and I go would be best captured from the air


Something special for her- sometimes its nice to get your other and “ I love you gift “ as you may know she is heading off to study abroad here soon and I want to get her something to special to warm her hear and she travels the world

The cross trek- its always a project for me although I bought it not for that reason, just need a few more things for it to be finally settled in. (stay tuned for more details)

More adventures w/ her and family- as you may know her and I love to explore and well there is a lot of ground to cover her in the pnw so we need to get our boots dirty!

Overall there is so much to want, but in the end, what you need is the most important. We find happiness in a lot of different things and situations. Love the ones around you and give thanks to show them they are needed, a purchased item can be replaced but love for another cannot. Dream big and make them come true.


Till next time,


17 Goals for the New Year

Happy new year, friends!

It’s that time of year that we set small goals for the year and feel fresh again about positive changes for ourselves. Though I find resolutions difficult to set and follow through with throughout the year, I thought I’d come up with attainable goals for my new year – reflect & enjoy! 

1. Spend less on the unnecessities 

2. Take care of my hair 

3. Volunteer 

4. Get back into art

5. Try many new things 

6. Eat healthier

7. Save my tip money for something meaningful

8. Write more letters

9. Serve others first

10. Spend more time with God

11. Sing more often

12. Enjoy down time

13. Watch more movies

14. Do DIY

15. Simplify my belongings 

16. Make the most out of your education – reach out

17. Encourage other more


Cheers to 2017!

Happy first day of the new year, friends!

We hope you all have had an adventurous and safe weekend. We spent our extended weekend with family in Leavenworth, WA in the deep snow and freezing temperature. The first weekend of 2017 was eventful for us – sledding, walking through town, cross-country skiing, and so much more.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend to kick off the new year!


New Years Prep

New Years is just around the corner. 2016, another year down with tallies on our adventure list. More to come in 2017 so be on the lookout for that! You can always check out our Instagram @histhisherthat for more then just blogs. But for this last 2016 his blog I’m going to give you a few drinks to spice up your new years. So here we go!

Thee Italian soda vodka

  • Regular vodka of your choosing 1.5/2 oz
  • Shelter water
  • Half and half
  • Whipped cream
  • Ice
  • Flavored syrup of your choosing

Makes a nice casual drink and isn’t to strong!

Thee White Russian espresso

  • Baileys Espresso Crème liqueur 1.5 oz
  • Vodka .5 oz
  • 2 oz milk
  • ice

Great drink for coffee lovers

Thee Screwdriver

  • 1 3/4 oz whipped vodka
  • 3 1/2 oz orange juice


Taste just like an orange Julius!

These are all great drinks weather you’re spending the new year with the family or friends! Just a reminder to everyone to be safe drive and drink responsibly and to enjoy! Take care and we will see you in 2017!

Till next time,