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We’re back!

Hi friends! Guess who’s back? and it’s not Eminem. We apologize for our blogging distance for the last few months, but a lot has happened that we would love to share with you! Since our last post in March- she has… Moved from Italy… Continue Reading “We’re back!”

His & Her Sunday’s Best Binge

Ah, the last day of a too-short two day weekend – Sunday! We look forward to the weekend  when Sunday ends and Monday begins because we can rest and worry less. After a week full of work, class, studying, and emotionally exhausting mind wandering,… Continue Reading “His & Her Sunday’s Best Binge”

The Secret of Progress

Close to three years in a relationship and it is hard work (hands up if you can agree!).  This past weekend we exchanged many moments of adornment and pride in one another, but not every day is sunshine and the smell of Bath and… Continue Reading “The Secret of Progress”

Week-full of Gratitude!

Ah…Sunday night. Where the weekend wraps itself up into a crystal ball of your upcoming week’s horoscope. And when you get into bed to rest up for Monday, all of the daunting thoughts of now through Friday appear at once. Take heart, my friends!… Continue Reading “Week-full of Gratitude!”

Late Night Munchies!

It’s 9:15 p.m… feeling like you should get ready for bed – start settling down, wash your face, brush your teeth, but you are hungry. You think, it’s been 4 hours since you’ve had dinner and you have plenty of easy things to eat as a… Continue Reading “Late Night Munchies!”

Wish list

2017 wish list, with the new year here already, I’ve been thinking of things that will make this year special. Such as little gifts or improvements, and here are a few things I’ve come up with for my wish list. Drone- I’ve wanted a… Continue Reading “Wish list”

Cheers to 2017!

Happy first day of the new year, friends! We hope you all have had an adventurous and safe weekend. We spent our extended weekend with family in Leavenworth, WA in the deep snow and freezing temperature. The first weekend of 2017 was eventful for… Continue Reading “Cheers to 2017!”

A Very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our followers and friends! We have been so busy this last week and took the week off to spend time with family and friends…and to finish Christmas gift shopping. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas as you… Continue Reading “A Very Merry Christmas!”

His & Her Gift-Giving Guide!

  Happy Sunday, friends! It is exactly one week until Christmas and we sure are not ready, are you? We are both so giddy and excited, but scrambling to find last minute gifts and finalizing plans. As a couple who has been through many… Continue Reading “His & Her Gift-Giving Guide!”

Winter Break Here We Come!

Together we explore! Winter break is here, so bring on the Christmas cheer! With finals over, to celebrate her and I decided to head out and explore some snow, threw a few snowballs, took a few pictures, laughed, loved and smiled. Here is what… Continue Reading “Winter Break Here We Come!”