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Happiness.   It can be as simple as a smile. The look that flashes in your eyes. The feeling that rumbles under your skin. The twitchy movements of restlessness. Happiness is and can be a strong emotion. Emotions can tear people apart/ bring them… Continue Reading “Happiness”

His Halloween

Halloween is near, are you ready? With Halloween just around the corner it can be hard to decide on what to do. Here are a few things that I’ve come up with, also some possible costume ideas. Over the years I’ve done a lot… Continue Reading “His Halloween”

the purchase of the Crosstrek

My First car … Growing up I had always been a car enthusiast. I grew up around building cars and had a lot of influences from my family. My cousin is a painter and when I was 16 I found myself roaming around his… Continue Reading “the purchase of the Crosstrek”

Fall-ing for you.

Fall – ing for you ❤ Leaves around our feet and an umbrella above our head. Washington fall seasons are a beautiful opportunity to connect with that special someone in your life, or possibly starting something new with that girl you’ve had your eyes… Continue Reading “Fall-ing for you.”

5 Tips for your first day.

5 tips for your first day  The first day of college can be tough or it can be easy. I am currently attending EVCC and have learned a lot here. Here are a few things I’ve learned and realized while attending school and wanted… Continue Reading “5 Tips for your first day.”