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A Merry College Christmas!

Congrats college students, you are finally done with exams and winter break is upon us. It is now that time that we travel back home – some take flights and others take long drives, but we all find our way to our families. While… Continue Reading “A Merry College Christmas!”

DIY Christmas Crafts!

Happy Monday, chilly friends! 20 days until Christmas, can you believe it? Every year, my mom invites our family and friends over for a Christmas craft day to spend time together and create trendy decorations with each other. This year, we had some of… Continue Reading “DIY Christmas Crafts!”

5 Ways to Shop Smart this Holiday

Admit it, we love the holiday season because everything seems to be on sale and irresistible to your shopping cart. Every mall store and decorative box is wrapped up for Christmas in glitter and bows. Who doesn’t love to shop during this time of… Continue Reading “5 Ways to Shop Smart this Holiday”

Shout Out to My Products!

Happy Monday, Friends! As winter approaches, so does the rain and cold weather in the PNW. This means that (LADIES!) we need to take care of our bodies! I’m not just talking about staying active when outside looks so drab, but also taking care… Continue Reading “Shout Out to My Products!”

The Necessity of Self-care.

It’s not selfish, it’s self-care and it is important!  Admit it, we have all been so caught up in our busy lives that we just crack sometimes. We get far too good at complaining and convincing ourselves that we can never get out of… Continue Reading “The Necessity of Self-care.”

Sip, Study, & Chat.

To follow up on our last post, I wanted to share one of my favorite things things to do on a rainy day: enjoy the company of my mug!  I have been a barista for a year and a half, but an avid coffee-drinker… Continue Reading “Sip, Study, & Chat.”

10 Easy Meals for the Entire College House

Now that my roommates and I have been in our house for over a month, we are slowly settling into our routines. I leave for work in the early morning while one goes to her morning class. When I get home, the other has… Continue Reading “10 Easy Meals for the Entire College House”

5 Starbucks Spins to Spice up your Fall Favorites

Calling all coffee fans! Tis the season to introduce you to the reintroduced flavors of Fall. I have been a barista for Starbucks for over a year and a half and love the company’s innovative activity. Every year, new holiday surprises are highly anticipated… Continue Reading “5 Starbucks Spins to Spice up your Fall Favorites”

Fall Fashion Trends 2016

Fall is quite possibly my favorite time of the year. Not only does warm coffee come back into season, but so do cozy sweaters, chunky scarves, and trendy boots! The Fall season is full of great natural colors and perfect patterns to dress up your daily… Continue Reading “Fall Fashion Trends 2016”

Countless Things My Momma Taught Me

  Happy Tuesday friends! You might be wondering why a her post is on a Tuesday and not a Monday? Well, I took a days jump because today is a special day! It is my Momma’s birthday today and I would like to take… Continue Reading “Countless Things My Momma Taught Me”