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Countless Things My Momma Taught Me

  Happy Tuesday friends! You might be wondering why a her post is on a Tuesday and not a Monday? Well, I took a days jump because today is a special day! It is my Momma’s birthday today and I would like to take… Continue Reading “Countless Things My Momma Taught Me”

Frisco Adventures

San Francisco Adventure We set off on a Wednesday night to the airport from Seattle. San Fran here we come! We arrived safe & sound so we  decided to rest up for our big day in the city. We hit the city bright and… Continue Reading “Frisco Adventures”

5 Tips for your first day.

5 tips for your first day  The first day of college can be tough or it can be easy. I am currently attending EVCC and have learned a lot here. Here are a few things I’ve learned and realized while attending school and wanted… Continue Reading “5 Tips for your first day.”

5 Tips for Making your College House a Home

  Happy Monday, friends! In the past three days, I have moved into my first college house and started my third year of college. Exciting, I know, but so different than any other year I have lived in Seattle. I now live with my… Continue Reading “5 Tips for Making your College House a Home”


Welcome everyone, Thank you for being a part of his this & her that. We are very excited to launch this blog about our lives that we will be sharing together and apart, as life can be seen through many different eyes and perspectives.… Continue Reading “welcome.”