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6 Senior Year Must-Haves for Success!

I think that Seattle’s Septembers are my favorite. On a good day (while most days between now and June are rainy) the sun in shining for the transition into cooler sweater weather, warmer boots and hot coffee – FINALLY! I love to watch the… Continue Reading “6 Senior Year Must-Haves for Success!”

We’re back!

Hi friends! Guess who’s back? and it’s not Eminem. We apologize for our blogging distance for the last few months, but a lot has happened that we would love to share with you! Since our last post in March- she has… Moved from Italy… Continue Reading “We’re back!”

Ciao from Venice!

Hi friends! For those of you who did not know, I am finally studying abroad in Europe for a few months! It is my fourth day traveling around Italy with my mom until Friday when I begin my studies in Rome. So far, the… Continue Reading “Ciao from Venice!”

His & Her Sunday’s Best Binge

Ah, the last day of a too-short two day weekend – Sunday! We look forward to the weekend ¬†when Sunday ends and Monday begins because we can rest and worry less. After a week full of work, class, studying, and emotionally exhausting mind wandering,… Continue Reading “His & Her Sunday’s Best Binge”

7 Important Pre-Travel Forget-Me-Nots!

If you have not yet heard the news, I am out of here! Well…only for a few weeks, but my trip is almost a month away and I am beyond excited! Months ago, I was accepted in my university’s study abroad programs for this… Continue Reading “7 Important Pre-Travel Forget-Me-Nots!”

FACT: I am Grateful!

Someone beautifully wise once taught me that when you are in doubt, be sure to count your facts. I am sure we have all a person or two in our lives who pour a simple richness into our soul that… all the sudden everything… Continue Reading “FACT: I am Grateful!”

V-Day Gift Ideas for Him

Ah, tis the season of love! Women anxiously await it, men don’t understand it – it’s Valentine’s Day! A day to spend loving your honey and being in each other’s company. Typically couples will exchange gifts to show their love and appreciation for each… Continue Reading “V-Day Gift Ideas for Him”

The Secret of Progress

Close to three years in a relationship and it is hard work (hands up if you can agree!).  This past weekend we exchanged many moments of adornment and pride in one another, but not every day is sunshine and the smell of Bath and… Continue Reading “The Secret of Progress”

Stop! Yoga time

For a few years now, I have been drawn to a soft sense of yoga called Hatha. While yoga can come in many variations such as fast flow, sculpting, or flexible, I find myself craving a nice deep stretch that helps me meditate and… Continue Reading “Stop! Yoga time”

Week-full of Gratitude!

Ah…Sunday night. Where the weekend wraps itself up into a crystal ball of your upcoming week’s horoscope. And when you get into bed to rest up for Monday, all of the daunting thoughts of now through Friday appear at once. Take heart, my friends!… Continue Reading “Week-full of Gratitude!”