6 Senior Year Must-Haves for Success!

I think that Seattle’s Septembers are my favorite. On a good day (while most days between now and June are rainy) the sun in shining for the transition into cooler sweater weather, warmer boots and hot coffee – FINALLY! I love to watch the leaves change and the crisped air in the PNW, but September also marks the beginning of school. For most schools, and I am referring to colleges, school begins in the later half of August but for me, school begins at the end of September. And in disbelief, it is my last year of school… forever. Well, until I try out graduate school, but don’t tell my bank account just quite yet!

I reflected on the last fifteen years of school and hopefully by now I have mastered the essentials of starting school. For all you seniors, I would love to hear input too, but here are my six essentials for starting school:

  1. The Perfect Planner

Since junior high we’ve all had that school agenda that was given to us to stay “organized” but as a Senior in college, my agenda is my best friend! I use my (super cute Rifle Paper co.) agenda to fill out class assignments, school events and my personal calendar to refer many times during the day. It helps me stay on top of homework, schedule group meetings and keep track of appointments and events coming my way. Highly recommended for success!

  1. A Picky Pack

Yes, I still carry a backpack to class. Must-haves in my perfect backpack include:

  • Several pens because I prefer pens to pencils and a few highlighters for important information
  • Headphones
  • A binder with plenty of paper
  • A small snack and a water bottle
  • Any books needed for classes
  • My laptop and charger
  1. A Well-Rounded Routine 

One of the best ways to guarantee your first day is a success is to have a plan that you know works for YOU! It helps me to wake up with enough time to eat a good breakfast, double check my backpack and walk to class. Before the first day, I like to write down the classes that I have and what rooms they are in so I know what direction I am headed. This plan can also be used when scheduling homework and studying.

  1. Healthy Habits

After 16 years, I can guarantee that you have found some healthy habits that work well for you. Some of my habits include reading the syllabus before the quarter to get a good understanding of the course, doing homework earlier in the day before I get too sleepy, making sure I study a few days in advance, and scheduling time to just chill. Other healthy habits that I have adapted include going for runs, working out, doing yoga or even just meditating on my own.

  1. A Tight Tude

In addition to a thoughtful plan, it helps to begin the day with a good attitude. This may seem like a DUH but it helps to maintain throughout the quarter, as well. If you begin the quarter stressed out and not looking forward to the next class period on the first day, you’re in for a long quarter. Keep your head up and a positive attitude in check!

  1. Sufficient Self-Care

I am a strong believer in the importance of self-care. When you are feeling stressed or exhausted, take time to take care of yourself. You can operate much more effectively and happier if you take care of yourself. Take a nap, go for a walk, go shopping (yay!), just be nice to your body, mind, and days during this quarter.

Good luck & xo,


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