We’re back!

Hi friends!

Guess who’s back? and it’s not Eminem. We apologize for our blogging distance for the last few months, but a lot has happened that we would love to share with you!

Since our last post in March-

she has…

  • Moved from Italy to Prague to Paris and back home to Seattle – what a trip this was for me to experience such different lifestyles and cultures. I am so thankful for the opportunity, but joyful to be back home.
  • Began a part-time internship at Starbucks Corporate – I am currently a part of the marketing packaged food team and love working in this group.
  • Has two quarters until she graduated college – YAY!
  • Is enjoying the Seattle sunny summer – SO thankful for this beautiful Seattle summer with my best friends and family!

he has…

  • Purchased a motorcycle – There are so many roads and adventures that await us here in the northwest that are beautiful on two wheels.
  • Changed jobs – I now work a monday through friday job so I can spend more time with her, sometimes you have to make changes in order to support your others love language.
  • Deciding Major – I recently decided to take on a program at Washington State University, Which is a Communication program that will hopefully lead to a team oriented job.

We are very excited to be back into the blogging world can’t wait to share our next adventures with you!

till next time xoxo,


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