FACT: I am Grateful!

Someone beautifully wise once taught me that when you are in doubt, be sure to count your facts. I am sure we have all a person or two in our lives who pour a simple richness into our soul that… all the sudden everything clicks and your mind is new. And in times of complete turmoil when there is no light at the end of the tunnel, that person speaks softly, and your track are moved onto a different path.

I will be blunt, last week was a rough one for me. Not only had school picked up its pace and work continued to possess such a negative environment, but I also acquired this over awareness that life is difficult. Yes, a simple epiphany almost anyone 16 and older has discovered by now, but I am talking… adult hard. Money, future careers, friendships, relationships, and every other little thing that my brain had blown up 10 times the size.

Thursday was the hardest. After a long phone call, I realized that I had reverse morphed into something I had worked so hard to break through the past two years. I began to depend on others for my source of happiness, I over dramatized events that meant nothing, I assumed my own worst possible situation and then over exaggerated my anger over…nothing. So, my beautifully wise one listened to my nonsense and she enriched me with words I would like to share: Sometimes, we get it in our head that things are different than they actually are and we assume that our life is crumbling at our feet, just count your facts.

Fact #1: Your roommates love you, and would not be living with you, laughing at your ridiculous work stories, and feeding you the food that they have made if they did not love you.

I have three extra human beings who love and care for me on a regular basis. And even when I feel like they are upset with me or too stressed out to ask how my day was, I know that they love me and will always have my back.

Fact #2: You are going to pass your classes and you are going to graduate with a degree.

I am blessed with the opportunity to go to the university that I do, be in my major, and have the ability to graduate with a bright future. Even when classes are difficult or I completely bombed a midterm, I am going to make it and with much confidence, something will come my way. It always does!

Fact #3: Your boyfriend loves you, despite what crazy girlfriend nonsense you have in your head like “Is he ignoring me?” “Why didn’t he text me when he got off work?” and so on… he is with you because he loves and cares about you, and would not ignore you.

I have, admittingly, been that crazy girlfriend the last few months (sorry, babe!) but I am just counting my facts and giving him the benefit of the doubt because that is what is fair and creates trust.

Fact #4: You will never be stranded without food, clothing, shelter, etc. because you have a family and friends who take care of you.

Money… oh money. Why stress over it? I know that I can take confidence in knowing that my family will always lift me and help me financially. Thanks family.

Count your facts my friends, they will help you stay calm and come to simple reason in the silly little things we stress about.



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