V-Day Gift Ideas for Him

Ah, tis the season of love!

Women anxiously await it, men don’t understand it – it’s Valentine’s Day! A day to spend loving your honey and being in each other’s company. Typically couples will exchange gifts to show their love and appreciation for each other, but with Christmas less than two months ago, gift giving might get tricky for your lucky man. Here are a few ideas for gifts to give your hunk this holiday:

Shiny Accessories

With Christmas just passing, maybe he got a new GoPro that deserves a carrying case or a new selfie stick. Or maybe that shiny watch at the store can be the perfect accessory for your V-Day date to spice up his outfit. Check out the condition of his wallet, his favorite phone case, or a manly necklace he’s been eyeing the last few weeks to give him a little something to add to his collection.

Support His Hobbies

While we may not be the best girlfriends when it comes to supporting his favorite sports team or winter sporting activity, we can show him we care by picking him up a new jersey or a new set of snowboarding gloves. Be mindful of what he already has, and make sure you pick up something he can use!

Send Him Away

Sometimes the best way to spend V-Day is away! You do not have to purchase him something from his favorite store, but rather look at places that you two can spend a weekend away together. Or find him tickets to his favorite concert or sports team to take him to. Activities together, too, can be a great way to show how much you enjoy each other’s company.

Show Him Your DIY Skills

When all else fails (meaning he most likely has bought himself anything he would possibly need or want…) remember that Valentine’s Day is meant for the thought of it. If you pass by something and it reminds you of the one you love, pick it up to show him you know what he likes and you know him well. But don’t be afraid to shower him with love through hand written letters, framed pictures, or sappy DIY crafts that remind you of him.

And in the end, love will be the greatest gift you can give and he will be thankful 😉


her ❤

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