The Secret of Progress

Close to three years in a relationship and it is hard work (hands up if you can agree!). 

This past weekend we exchanged many moments of adornment and pride in one another, but not every day is sunshine and the smell of Bath and Body Works Pink Cashmere body mist. And to be completely transparent with you all, a week ago we were underwater. A missed alarm, a sleepless night, and a misunderstood set of text messages… and that was enough to burst the seams. And then it hit me… a healthy relationship consists of progress that is both mutual and continuous. 

Progress starts with a well made bed-

Not only is rest important to a healthy mind and body, it also gives us energy throughout the day. After that morning, I threw the covers off my bed and tucked everything in – the right way! When we take care of ourselves and do things how they are supposed to be done instead of cutting corners and slacking, we keep our lives in order and are able to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Make sure you are both sleeping in a bed made wel.

Progress is accompanied by a strong cup of coffee –

For some of us, it is the the juices that fill our brain and heart with energy and efficiency! Sometimes all it takes to continue in the line of progress is a boost in the right direction. After all of the arguing is hashed out and done, recognize that change is mutual and self reflective. Allow the desire to change and grow stronger be the kick in the right direction and use your energy to power through! 

Progress is a pen, a piece of paper, and a goal –

Sometimes we speak so harshly that we wish we could take it back, I will admit that I am both stubborn and snappy often times. Words are difficult to communicate and mean different things for others, but with a calm mind and collected thoughts, a note is sometimes the best thing we can do to progress. Write a note to each other or yourself and ask your partner what they need from you. Set goals and write them down.

Progress is reflection –

I am grateful for all that I have and at the end of the day, reflection is what will guide you to the next day. Progress is slow and steady and will continue to allow you to grow. Reflect and help each other be better people.

With love and patience,


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