Stop! Yoga time

For a few years now, I have been drawn to a soft sense of yoga called Hatha. While yoga can come in many variations such as fast flow, sculpting, or flexible, I find myself craving a nice deep stretch that helps me meditate and relax from stress and anxiety. Tonight, after feeling the weight of the weekend, I was reminded of how soothing and rejuvenating a light yoga routine can be for your mind and body.

All week, your body can not only build up mental stress and tense up your physical body and mobility. Yoga allows you to relax, take time to deepen each pose, and be in the moment with your own stillness and clarity. I, personally, use my yoga time to reflect, listen to soft music, stretch what feels good, and often time be with God.

Here are a few beginner poses to try out when you need a break of clarity:


y1 y2

y3 y4

y5 y6

y7 y8

y9 y0

y11 y22

Enjoy, Yogis!



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