Week-full of Gratitude!

Ah…Sunday night. Where the weekend wraps itself up into a crystal ball of your upcoming week’s horoscope. And when you get into bed to rest up for Monday, all of the daunting thoughts of now through Friday appear at once. Take heart, my friends!

On the car ride home to Seattle today, I thought of how many weekly rituals become little glimpses of happiness in what feels like a never ending week. And when we think of those weekday excitements, we can be even more excited for the small events that we have planned to look forward to.

  • Daily Newspaper
  • New Spotify Weekly playlist
  • Church
  • Family dinner
  • Weekly blog post
  • Movie releases
  • Football games
  • Weekly date nights
  • Daily devotionals
  • Yoga class

What do you look forward to in your week?

Till next time, xoxo


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