Late Night Munchies!

It’s 9:15 p.m… feeling like you should get ready for bed – start settling down, wash your face, brush your teeth, but you are hungry. You think, it’s been 4 hours since you’ve had dinner and you have plenty of easy things to eat as a quick snack, but nothing sounds good enough to hit the munchies spot. We’ve all been there, my friends! You’re just about to crawl in bed, and the late night munchies strikes again!

Because we tend to find ourselves hungry more and more before bed, we have collaborated a list of easy, but yummy midnight snacks to try to satisfy that crave!


Homemade Popcorn

One of our all time favorite snacks before bed is homemade popcorn. Throw some hot oil in a pop and listen to the delicious kernels pop into buttery, puffy munchies! If you find yourself in the Eastern Washington area, Smallwoods Farm has the BEST Snow Puff popcorn that we highly recommend.


Special Snack Mix

What a better way to snack than a pre-made snack mix of your favorite treats. This collaboration can go either sweet with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and typed of cereal, or savory with pretzels, goldfish, and mixed nuts. Grab a bowl of your mix and catch the end of a late night show.


Ham, Cheese, Croissants

If the thought of waiting for the oven doesn’t bring you anxiety, try a savory croissant as a filling snack. Using uncooked croissants, add ham, cheese, and a little seasoning to have a small snack to fill your empty belly.


Tortilla Pizza

Again, this will take some worthwhile patience from you! Tortilla pizzas are the new thing to eat instead of pizza dough. Just use a soft taco tortilla, spaghetti sauce, and cheese to brown a perfectly easy pizza!

When all else fails, we appreciate chocolate and cheese-itz!

Sweet dreams, late night munchers!

Till next time, xoxo.


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