YES! The 2015 Yes Standard is my current snowboard of choice and I can honestly say that I am very impressed. Some park laps to pow stashes it handles like a dream!

The Flex:

The board has a 4.5/5 flex rating so those butter tricks and staying on top of pow is that much easier and it won’t buck you all over the groomers. I also decided to go with a union binding set up that is stiff to give it a solid pull to help with pop off features or ollies.

The Camrockers:

What can I say? They bite hard when you carve and they do there job – I can find myself parallel with the snow with no issues and full trust in my edge also allowing for a smooth ride when you decide to open up your turns.

Equal Swing Weight:

For those pop 180’s or butter tricks, it’s nice to have something with equal swing. You aren’t forcing the board to come around it almost feels natural. The weight distribution is flawless and allows for easy spins.


The YES snowboard company always has a special place in my heart for there styling. It is board that will put a smile on your face and turn heads on the mountain. Just watch out for the no-good people with sticky fingers. I’ve personally had a snowboard go missing and it was an awful experience. So keep and eye out and enjoy the ride!

All in all, I would recommend any YES snowboard as most of my buddies ride YES, but make sure to do your research and find out what one is for you!

Till next time,


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