Make a Move Challenge

“Comfort is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there”

I’m going to be honest with you all, it is the first month of the new year and I am stagnant. Dormant, sluggish, stationary – sucked into a daily routine.

I wake up at 3:30 in the morning, Monday – Friday.

Drive to the same job with the same opening tasks every morning. With the same co-workers who don’t want to be there, the same negative attitudes with the same questions: “How was your weekend?” “What did you do last weekend?” “Is it Friday yet?” When I leave work, it’s always raining in the city as I drive the same drive home, eat, sit in daunting class lectures, come home to do homework, eat, and go to bed just to do it all over again.

I am tired all the time, or just bored… I can’t tell, and find it too easy to complain to those around me. But I am comfortable here. But it’s not comfort than lets us grow and live out of our daily rut. If the weather’s got you down or you feel less confident about tomorrow’s agenda, let’s make a movement together and live anti-stagnate!

Find a new hobby

Sometimes movement is as easy as taking on a new hobby and expressing creativity apart from our daily lives. Try a new sport, see if you are a secret artist, start a blog (I highly recommend this one!), take on introduction lessons for piano – you never know what a new passion will do to your life!

Plan a vacation (or stay-cation!)

Rest, relax, kick back from those stressful days at work and plan a vacation you’ve been saving up for! Enhancing your adventurous warrior will help you look forward to better days and fun memories. If all else fails to hit the agenda, plan a stay-cation and discover hidden secrets around your current location, or binge watch movies with your favorite snacks. Your mind needs rejuvinated too, my friends!

Try something new

If a hobby is too much commitment for you, try new things when given the opportunity. Hang out with a new groupd of people, invite your friends over for a game night, or take a beginner’s yoga class. Your mind is easily exciteable if you give it a reason to rest and recharge! Sometimes it is as easy as getting out of the house that makes you feel…alive!

Take care of your body

Do not discount your body that lets you live! Make sure you are resting, eating well, and staying active. Try going the extra mile with a new manicure, an inviting facial, or swicthing up your hair colors to bring out your wild side!

Express current gratitude

And when you are convinced that you simply have NO time to do any of these tips (you have time, I promise!) express your current gratitude by recognizing the beauty around you. Recognize your loved ones and great friends who listen to you complain and offer a helping hand. Reflect on the positive aspects of your day, even if it is as simple as a hug from your good friend.

So my friends, my challenge to you is this: when you feel your life getting stagnate, make a move!



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