Bounce Back, Baby!

Back to school, ugh. I know we are all feeling the weight of a terribly cold and seemingly never-ending winter upon us. With school starting up again, homework piling up, and a long 2017 planned ahead of us, I offer some personal encouragement that has gotten me through this hump called life! Let me tell you a story about some of the most influential people in my life:

Six years ago, I met my life long best friend. I could not ask for a better person to share my love and friendship with. Reflecting on the new year and going into the third year as being her roommate, I am so blessed to say that she has taught me things that I cherish such as how to be expressive, share my thoughts and feelings openly, and to take time to care for myself. I am a better person because of who she has helped me to be. She lifts me up when I am down and builds me and challenges me every day.

Though the year feels long and things feel heavy in this time of life, I will take time to reflect and be so grateful for her friendship and how she has helped me bounce back. We are given these people in life to help us stand again and recognize the little things in life.

My advice to you in the new year, always bounce back!

Xoxo, her

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