Wish list

2017 wish list,

with the new year here already, I’ve been thinking of things that will make this year special. Such as little gifts or improvements, and here are a few things I’ve come up with for my wish list.

Drone- I’ve wanted a drone for a while now and I think this year will be when I finally commit some of the places that her and I go would be best captured from the air


Something special for her- sometimes its nice to get your other and “ I love you gift “ as you may know she is heading off to study abroad here soon and I want to get her something to special to warm her hear and she travels the world

The cross trek- its always a project for me although I bought it not for that reason, just need a few more things for it to be finally settled in. (stay tuned for more details)

More adventures w/ her and family- as you may know her and I love to explore and well there is a lot of ground to cover her in the pnw so we need to get our boots dirty!

Overall there is so much to want, but in the end, what you need is the most important. We find happiness in a lot of different things and situations. Love the ones around you and give thanks to show them they are needed, a purchased item can be replaced but love for another cannot. Dream big and make them come true.


Till next time,


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