17 Goals for the New Year

Happy new year, friends!

It’s that time of year that we set small goals for the year and feel fresh again about positive changes for ourselves. Though I find resolutions difficult to set and follow through with throughout the year, I thought I’d come up with attainable goals for my new year – reflect & enjoy! 

1. Spend less on the unnecessities 

2. Take care of my hair 

3. Volunteer 

4. Get back into art

5. Try many new things 

6. Eat healthier

7. Save my tip money for something meaningful

8. Write more letters

9. Serve others first

10. Spend more time with God

11. Sing more often

12. Enjoy down time

13. Watch more movies

14. Do DIY

15. Simplify my belongings 

16. Make the most out of your education – reach out

17. Encourage other more


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