Her 2016 Reflection

Hi friends,

Our blog is just shy of 5 months old and I feel as though this time has flown by – this whole year has flown by! We started the blog for many reason, one being to stay connected with each other and to update our friends and family as we develop into adults, move out, get educated, work, and learn how to… do life! 

I have had so much fun writing these posts and I thought that a great post to end the year with would be a few of my thoughts and what I have to reflect on over the year. I hope you find humor in these and can reflect on your own round-up thoughts!

As a student, I am now in the depths of my major, constantly studying, squinting, and stressing over what’s due next and how to make it through college. In Spring, I will be traveling abroad and  have learned to stay on top of my organization skills. Things such as planners or calendars, we have an app called Band that we love to use as a calendar with each other, will keep you in the loop.

As a daughter and sister, I have reminded myself that my family will always be there, but it is my job to reach out, too. Don’t forget that they love and support you most and will always be there, even when you don’t feel like going home.

As a girlfriend, I have learned so much about long term/ long distance relationships. I have learned to be interested in what your significant other is interested, try new things together, travel together and do nothing but love each other. 

As I wrap up the year, I am both ready and refreshed for a new year to come.

Cheers, 2016!

Xoxo, her.

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