His & Her Gift-Giving Guide!


Happy Sunday, friends!

It is exactly one week until Christmas and we sure are not ready, are you? We are both so giddy and excited, but scrambling to find last minute gifts and finalizing plans. As a couple who has been through many Christmases together, we know the struggle with buying gifts for you significant other. It can feel stressful to find a gift worth giving to the person you know and love the most, that is why we are here to help!

Gifts for Her:

The women in your life can be both easy and hard to shop for – being simple is the best way to go. For me, I like to get her something that she will use every single day. Something that will make her smile every time she sees it or uses it. It also depends on how long she has been in your life. Maybe start out with a coffee mug she has had her eye on, a blanket, or a article of clothing. Then, move into something more expensive down the road. Such as, a watch, necklace, rings, ear rings, something that sparkles just as she does in your life.

Just  simple is key, I like to focus on quality over quantity, give her something that lasts a lifetime instead of filling her entire shelf. Remember that the best gift of all is her.

Gifts for Him: 

Ladies, I get it… men are the WORST to shop for during the holidays. You cannot just buy them a cute purse, a fancy shirt, or a yummy smelling fragrance, you have to find something that a man would like. For my man, I like to think about things that I could get him that he would not normally buy for himself.

I promise you, men like clothing. If they know that you like that shirt and you think they look good in that shirt, they will wear that shirt and appreciate you dressing them. I also like to focus on his hobbies. Think about things that I could buy him when he goes snowboarding or little things for his car that he would appreciate and use like new gloves, a new undershirt, or a new jacket. If you are feeling a little sappy, consider pictures or DIY gifts. One of my favorite gifts for him was a bracelet with coordinates of our favorite park. Other presents to consider: concert tickets, new headphones/ electronics or accessories, things for his room, etc.

This year, we are exchanging stockings with little stocking stuffers – basically anything that we buy must fit in the stocking. We have also set a price limit. Depending on how long you have been dating, that price can change.

And when all else fails, friends, spread the love!

Till next time, xoxo


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