The BackCountry AT

Testing in the snow.

As you may or may not know, I am a current employee at Les Schwab tire center and recently have fitted some All terrain tires on my Crosstrek called “Backcountry SQ4 All Terrains” I’ve enjoyed the tire this far, and a few days back my family and I put them to the test.

We headed up to Barlow Pass, which is a very beautiful place in the PNW this time of year for snow! We ended up finding roughly 8-12 inches of snow on the road way and was I impressed with these tires. I also am always on Stevens Pass in the winter so it was nice to see what these tires could really do.

The game plan was to head out to Barlow Pass and to go explore the terrain, well we ended up driving right on through till my dad got stuck in his new Toyota Tacoma. Where we then headed back to a lunch spot for an overland cookout. We then headed back out and returned home, I had no issues and feel very confident behind the wheel when I know there is snow and ice.

After 1000 miles on the tires,

1-10, 10 being best.

Dry traction: 9

Road noise: 9

Wet traction: 8

Snow and ice traction: 8

Overall I would purchase this tires again for another one of my cars that fit them. They are a great looking tire and handle well in all conditions. If you ever need a set you can always swing by and see me at the Mukilteo Les Schwab.

Till next time,


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