His and her Q&A for the Holidays

His and her Holiday Q&A.

Okay friends, we can FINALLY begin celebrating the holiday season! Not only does the weather get a little colder, but the malls get a little busier and the atmosphere gets a lot more cheerful! It is definitely our favorite time of year, so we thought we would share a bit of our own Christmas cheer with you all by answering some commonly asked holiday questions, enjoy!

What traditions does your family celebrate during the holiday season?

Her: We have too many to count! Along with Black Friday shopping, my family gets their Christmas tree on the first weekend after Thanksgiving and brings up the decorations earlier than most! We also have an annual craft day and a day for baking Christmas goodies. On the eve of Christmas eve, my brother and I receive pjs to wear that night and on Christmas morning, we search the tree for the bell ornament to find out who opens the first gift.

His: My family was never really traditional, I mean we have the typical, dad puts the star on top of the tree and my moms bomb angel food cake! But honestly that’s about it, each year is a different experience but we always manage to have a great time!

What is your best memory from this time of the year?

Her: My most favorite memory was when we lived on Whidbey island and my grandparents stayed the night on Christmas eve. My mom, grandmother and I slept in the daylight basement and I swear I heard reindeer bells that night. I found out (a few years ago) that my dad actually did ring bells outside the glass door to trick me.

His: It was a stormy night close to Christmas and I remember that I had to go to bed for school the next morning when I was woken up by my family’s “its snowing!” we ran outside as we live really close to a hill and sledded for the whole night.  Then came inside and brewed up some hot chocolate. Was one of the best nights of my life.

What is your favorite gift that you have received for Christmas?

Her: A few years ago, I received a Nikon camera from my parents after really getting into photography. The camera was a huge surprise and has helped me in many Senior photo shoots, family portraits, and fun adventures!

His: Best gift? That’s a tough one, growing up its always been about one thing you really want, and I know my parents always tried to make our dreams come true. I remember I was about 8 years old and I wanted a skate board so bad that every day I asked my mom for one and that Christmas morning there she was waiting for me. I quickly found out that ill stick to snowboarding as concrete was much harder to fall on.

Favorite holiday food?

Her: Hands down, grandma’s homemade noodles!

His: Those Holliday cookies are too good to pass up!

Till next time xoxo


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