5 Ways to Shop Smart this Holiday

Admit it, we love the holiday season because everything seems to be on sale and irresistible to your shopping cart. Every mall store and decorative box is wrapped up for Christmas in glitter and bows. Who doesn’t love to shop during this time of the year? We all love finding the perfect gift for others or treating ourselves to something special during Christmas to say “thank you” or “I was thinking of you and bought this”. But sometimes we over spend and come out of the season less merry than we should be.

I have crafted some of my best tips for saving money during this time of the year to help you all as you enter the season of giving!

1. Pay attention to the ACTUAL sales

We can all get sucked into the Black Friday, Cyber Monday gig, and believe me, it is a blast to join. But while everything might tell you it’s a sale, most times the price is no different at all. Watch the items you are looking for, check many stores, and watch the prices to see if that “sale price” is truly a sale.

2. Check online, too

Nowadays, we tend to not even go out to department stores to shop anymore. All of what we use for shopping comes from online websites such as Amazon or eBay. Checking your product out online can give you a better feel for pricing and finding the store that sells what you need for the lowest price.

* Be sure to not be tricked by shipping and handling prices, and check that your delivery date will make it in time!

3. Look in the mail for coupons

I cannot tell you how much money I have saved with bringing physical coupons into stores from my mail or catalogue subscriptions. Even checking your phone for a quick coupon while you wait in line can help save you a littl bit of money. Every penny counts!

4. Put consideration into your gift

Don’t just buy gifts willy nilly. You can actually save a lot of money by carefully considering you  gift choices for others because you are not going to the store, buying whatever bath soap your friend might like. Instead, choose a gift that suits them well and watch for those sales!

5. Try a DIY this year

I love me a good DIY find in Pinterest for the holidays! Anything from homemade blankets to DIY mugs and Christmas decor, you can find new ways to save by making gifts yourself. Plus, they are more personalized and thoughtful than a gift card.

I hope this was helpful for you wild shoppers out there, go get ’em and save a few bills while you’re at it!



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