Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day!!

Today we give thanks for all that we have. Family, friends, adventures, no matter what life has given us we are thankful for it. The holidays can be a tricky time of year with family’s friend’s and time. With this time of year being so compact its important to spend time with everyone but how do you fit everyone in?

Well here is my idea, try and make time for everyone, as simple as that sounds some have very large families. It doesn’t have to always be for the dinner its more about the day! You can do breakfast at one house then dinner at the other, or maybe dinner at one and desert at the other. Find something that works and run with it. Family is loving and make sure you do your best to keep everyone involved.

This thanksgiving her and I went to all our homes and families and made a complete day out of it, and while she’s out doing her thing black Friday shopping and I’m home doing hw. We had a great and wonderful day.

Till next time,


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