Shout Out to My Products!

Happy Monday, Friends!

As winter approaches, so does the rain and cold weather in the PNW. This means that (LADIES!) we need to take care of our bodies! I’m not just talking about staying active when outside looks so drab, but also taking care of your skin, hair, and face while it endures the harsh weather for you!

I thought I would share some of my favorite products with you all so you can take care of yo’ self, too!

1. Hair


Pureology: I bleach my hair and this shampoo and conditioner duo is perfect for keeping my hair bright and not brassy!


Pureology: This leave-in conditioner acts as a moisturizer, silk serum, and thermal protector all in one! Use it on your damp hair before you style it to protect your hair and keep it bouncy!

2. Face


Lush: Lush’s got me falling in love with this lavender, rose water! This water sprays on clean skin to clean and moisturize OR it can be used to set your make up and bring life back to your face. And it smells good!


EOS: With this winter weather, do not forget that your lips need love, too! Carry it around with you like your phone, it will be a life saver!


Apricot Scrub: I love this gentle, soft smelling face and body scrub. For those with sensitive skin, this is perfect for feeling like you’re getting in deep with the beads, but not damaging your skin. This can help you with dry skin when added with a light face lotion after.

3. All Over Skin


Hempz: All time favorite any time of the year! Keeps your skin hydrated and smalls great!

Make sure to listen to your body when the weather makes it unhappy and keep drinking water, my friends!



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