Pre Winter 2016

Winter is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited.

Winter is my favorite time of year. I love being bundled up by the fire, drinking hot chocolate with those mini marshmallows with her. The holidays during winter always bring people and family together. Most importantly it’s snowboard season!! Time to hit the slopes, but not without going over a few things first. It’s always good to have a pre season list so you don’t get caught off guard when you go up to the mountain.

Gear Check:

I normally start off with my outfit-I always dress myself first and make sure I have everything I need: a good base layer, socks, boots, pants, belt, jacket, face mask, goggles, and helmet. Always check your gear for rips or imperfections that could cause your experience on the mountain to be ruined, such as a rip in your jacket, a hole in your boots etc. There is nothing worse than being cold, so make sure you’re comfortable and your experience will be unforgettable.

Board Check:

I currently ride a 2016 YES Standard and I love it because it is awesome for pow days as well as laps in the park. I wax it after every trip just to keep a few layer of wax on the board. I always wax it before I put it away for the summer as your board can dry rot, causing you to loose speed on the slopes during the winter. Not all people like to/ know how to wax their own equipment so having someone do it every 5 or so trips will work just fine. Make sure that before your first trip you make sure all bindings are tight, your board is waxed and there are no cracks or holes in your board. Having snow stick to the bottom of your board isn’t the most fun. Face it, boarders just want to have fun.

Vehicle Check:

Pass driving isn’t always easy; I have had my fair share of scary trips coming home from the pass. Make sure to have your pass rig checked before making your journeys up and down the pass. Any Les Schwab (come in and see me!) offers free Pre Trips Safety inspections where we check out your vehicle. Make sure your tires, brakes, front End, shocks/ struts, and battery to make sure it’s all in working order. Nothing like being stranded waiting for a tow. So get those vehicles checked for yourself and the others around you.

See you all up there! If you are a Stevens pass member be sure to say hello and let’s do some laps!

Till next time, 


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