The Necessity of Self-care.

It’s not selfish, it’s self-care and it is important! 

Admit it, we have all been so caught up in our busy lives that we just crack sometimes. We get far too good at complaining and convincing ourselves that we can never get out of the slumps of work, school, eating, sleeping, and repeating. But my friends, PLEASE do not forget to take care of yourself! When life gets busy, take a moment to breathe and revive your spirit!

Here are a few of my favorite self-care activities:

1. Go for a walk

My roommate and I love going for walks around our beautiful Seattle apartment, pretty much in any season. We walk anywhere from Fremont to Greenlake. Going for walks and being active will keep your brain on point and give your body a little stretch that it deserves. You will feel rejuvinated and ready to focus when you come back.

2. Watch a TV show or movie

Netfilx: the prime suspect of college student procrastination. But it is okay, I promise! Take time to lounge on the couch and refresh your favorite TV series. Grab a blanket and a cup of cocoa to reach ultimate relaxation mode!

3. Take a nap

It is okay to lay down for a while. You deserve rest with how hard you work. Catch some Z’s mid-day to wake up with better focus and a better mood.

4. Take a drive/ explore a new place

Sometimes it is nice to take a break with a new scenery. Get out of the house, catch a breath of fresh air, maybe find a new coffee shop to just chill in, but whatever you do, do not bring your homework with you. Enjoy the time away from your work and relax a bit.

5. Give yourself some media time

I am a huge fan of Pinterest in times of stress. I love sitting on my phone and reading the new Cosmo articles while pinning delicious food recipes. Limit your time on the social media, but take some time to catch up and tune into your social realm.

My friends, please take care of yourselves! I give you permission.



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