Sip, Study, & Chat.

To follow up on our last post, I wanted to share one of my favorite things things to do on a rainy day: enjoy the company of my mug! 

I have been a barista for a year and a half, but an avid coffee-drinker for a few more years now. I love my job and the fun collaborations that I can put together, as well as the knowledge I have learned about the quality of coffee and how the drinks are composed into masterpieces.

After living in Seattle, one of the largest coffee connoisseur populations, I have visited and fell in LOVE with so many quaint coffee shops and great cups of coffee! Here are a few (possibly too many!) of my favorite coffee shops around Seattle to go visit:

For Studying: big tables, good coffee, and plenty of outlets!

  • Yellow Dot Cafe, Fremont
  • Cafe Fiore, Queen Anne
  • Starbucks, University Village Complex
  • Roy Street, Capitol Hill

For Catching up with a Friend: quaint atmosphere, comfy seating, and good vibes

  • Oddfellow Cafe, Capitol Hill
  • Bustle, Queen Anne
  • The Ugly Mug, UW Campus
  • Fresh Flours, Greenwood

For a Great Cup of Coffee: delicious tastes, yummy pastries, and beauifully crafted

  • Ballard Coffee Works, Ballard
  • Anchored Ship, Ballard
  • Cafe Ladro, Queen Anne
  • Storyville, Pike Place

Comment and share some of your favorite shops with us!



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