PNW Rainy Daze

PNW Rainy dayz

Yes, they happen quite often here in the PNW but they are days that can’t be wasted. Here are a few things to do while the sun is hiding and our friend the rain is here to visit!

That movie you’ve been wanting to see

Not everyone likes to go see the movie fresh out in theaters, sometimes its nice to let the crowds die down or wait for that rainy day. Heck you can even wait till it comes out, cuddle up grab some hot coco and boom! Movie time.

Take a Walk  

Umbrellas are a thing and they work! Sometimes it nice to get out and feel the fresh air no matter the weather, but make sure to not catch yourself to far out as it can result in a pretty wet afternoon. Talking from experience on that one.

Car Ride Adventure

Sometimes you just gotta buckle up and hit the open road and go somewhere fun, new, and explore. We always have fun just winging it on rainy dayz.

Board games with family

It’s kind of like when the power goes out. You kind of forget how much fun a simple board or card game can be until you’re gathered around the table with friends or family going at it in a game of triply or Yahtzee trust us its fun.

Fun DYI Projects

Try baking something you’ve found its always a fun advnreture in the kitchen just putting sometime together thats good and makes the house smell good nothing like warm treats on a cold day.Also while they are baking, no better time to be productive then a rainy day, pull your car in and give it the tune up or install that new part. For her, paint your nails that new color you’ve been looking for. Together you can rip apart the house for a new look, sometimes re arranging things/ throwing things you don’t need away, or making something new can add a lot to your home.

Well although her doesn’t like rain all that much she still puts her rain boots on and stomps in puddles. Rain can be gloomy but as PNW adventures we can’t let any day go to waste and with each day is a different use so no day is ever taken for granted. Enjoy your up coming rainy dayz!

Till next time, xoxo


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