The Importance of Date Night!

We LOVE date nights. And what better time of the week to get all dressed up, head out, and catch up about your weeks over a night dinner with a cute view across the table. With dating long distance especially, we have come to appreciate not only seeing each other as much as we can, but also freshening up and enjoying a long meal together.

Whether you are a fresh relationship or you have been married for 50 years, getting out of the house is a must. Sometimes it is easy to feel trapped in our daily studying, work, sleep, repeat life so date nights give you a reason to leave those worries behind and have fun. We love to watch movies and stay at home, but we recognize the healthy benefits of getting out of the house. Often times, we go on car rides, city adventures, or date nights to escape.

Date night also give us something to look forward to. Because we are both students and work, our weeks go by faster if we have something like seeing each other and going out to look forward to. It makes the week bearable and fly by with a dinner reward at the end. Date nights do not have to be expensive either! We keep a balance between dinner dates and random adventure date nights out, but we do treat ourselves every once in a while.

Lastly, date nights keep you connected to your significant other. Life and get busy, but communication is important. Reflect on ‘his’ post on Thursday, it is always beneficial to maintain healthy communication and to know what is going on in your lover’s life. We may not spend every second with each other, but we keep each other in the loop and often find date nights helpful with catching up on the small things.

Below are a list of our favorite places to have date nights! So put those heels on, wear that watch you think is too fancy, and enjoy date night!

Till next time, xoxo



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