It can be as simple as a smile. The look that flashes in your eyes. The feeling that rumbles under your skin. The twitchy movements of restlessness. Happiness is and can be a strong emotion. Emotions can tear people apart/ bring them together; they determine the outcome of our lives. Since high school all I’ve been told was “make sure you make lots of money” or “get a good job” well there’s more to it then that. I believe sometimes people get to caught up in “life” and your daily routine is what you make it. Sure money is great, and you can buy things that the poor man couldn’t, but here’s something to remember. When you’re flying down the mountain on your snowboard, racing through the curves in your car or on your motorcycle, climbing a mountain, or whatever it may be that makes you smile is what really matters. Here’s a few things I’ve come up with to determine my own happiness and wanted to share them with you, as I feel the emotion of happiness is far to important to be overlooked.


The stress / Anger test


When you’re driving down the road, someone puts their blinker on and starting coming over in front of you / “cutting you off” how mad do you get? If you drop a ton of loose change at the store, do you accept the fact that it happens, or are you angry and upset? Take a good look at yourself and determine if you find more reasons to be upset in a day if so, take a chance and do something about it.


“How are you doing?”


When someone asks you “how’s it going today?” face it we all say “oh, I’m good how are you?” what’s the real answer to the question. When someone asks you that, do you have more to say? If so, take a chance and do something about it.


Your job / Going home


Oh boy that 9-5 is killing me. Do you find yourself complaining about your job all the time? Do you find yourself going home complaining to your wife, girlfriend, or parents all the time? Are you staring at the clock while on lunch going, 4 hours left idk how I’m going to make it! if so, take a chance and do something about it.




It can be simple. Test yourself everyday and if you find yourself angry, sad, or depressed ask yourself what can you do to change that. My answer is simple. Grab my snowboard and hit the slopes. Grab my camera gear and go capture life in a stunning aspect. Coming home to her, cuddle up and telling her how much I love her. Find the things that make you truly happy, and don’t lose sight on them. Follow your heart and listen to it. It’s not always about your 9-5 work grind and that paycheck at the end of the month. When you smile others smile to. Take a chance and do something about it.


Till next time,


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