His Halloween

Halloween is near, are you ready?

With Halloween just around the corner it can be hard to decide on what to do. Here are a few things that I’ve come up with, also some possible costume ideas.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of different things during my Halloweens and it all comes with age. We all have our traditional “Halloween parties” which are always fun, if you’re into them. If you are, here are some cheap throw together costumes that have always been my go to.

Costumes #1 The Greaser

If you have long hair its perfect for you! All you need is a plain white T, Blue jeans, Black vans, and white socks. Slick your hair back, roll the sleeves up on your shirt and pants, and boom you’re now the cast of grease! Plus it can be a fun couple costume.

Costume #2 Where is he? … Waldo that is!

Where’s Waldo can be fun and easy. All you need is a red beanie and a red and white stripped shirt with some blue jeans, and you’re the life of the party. If anyone can find you that is.

Costume #3 Marty McFly


Everyone knows the classic life preserver look that Marty rocks in Back to The Future. With a red vest, a long sleeve, button up, and blue jeans. Boom another classic party outfit.

With these, they are comfortable the whole night and you don’t have to worry about buying a costume online. You can piece any of them together and wear them outside of Halloween.

If the party life isn’t your thing…

You can always spend the night in. Nothing like scary movies and taking your fear out on some candy. Plus, it can always be another night to hangout with your +1 and enjoy some old classic movies while handing out candy to the little kids who are running all over the neighborhood.

Haunted houses are always fun to. Weather it’s the boys hanging out for the night or you and the lady, it is always a good option.

Here are just a few little helpers to plan your Halloween night! It’s just around the corner and it’s better to get the jumpstart now to prefect that costume or to get yourself some pumpkins to carve!

Till next time,


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