A Tribute to Family.

When you stop and think about it, we are so lucky to have people in our lives who are like family to us. But we don’t just have one, or two families in some circumstances, we have three, four, sometimes not even related families. Over the past few years, we have recognized so much love and support that we receive from our families both as we separately go to school and as we grow as a couple. We are so blessed to have several families in our lives that care for us, and we have come to the realization that our relationship, too, has to be family oriented. Here is a tribute to our families who have accepted us for the crazy people we are!

When you start dating, nothing else matters but your significant others. However, there comes a time to “meet the family,” also know as the “impress the family so that they like you” stage. After dating for nearly two and a half years, we have truly gained so many loving family members who know that we are weird but love us anyway. We have also learned so many things from our families to take into our relationship, as well.

We have equally spent enough time with each other’s families to get to know their quirks and it is quite entertaining every time. From family dinners to weekend camping trips, we have learned the value of spending quality time with each other. Quality time happens to be both of our love languages so we find it easy and fulfilling to spend time together. When we get the whole gang together is when we feel most loved and at home.

Integrating families is difficult and may be odd at first but family teaches us to stick with it until the end. When life gets tough, it is easy to throw our hands in the air and walk away, but family teaches us to stick together and support each other in all obstacles that we encounter. Both of our families take credit for raising us in very supporting households and that have helped us support and care for each other.

Our families have given us a place to always come back to and sent us off with many qualities that make us who we are as individuals and as a team. They have taught us to love and care for one another, to learn from our mistakes, to accept one other in every form. and to live our lives with immense curiosity. We owe much of who we are to our families and we will take those qualities as we make our own.

Shout out to her dad, Too Cool Teddy on his birthday this last weekend. For always making us laugh, entertaining us, and teaching us to grow and learn from our mistakes. For giving us a place to stay and sending us with the lessons we have learned, you’re a wonderful father and a great friend, too.

Till next time, Xoxo




2 Comments on “A Tribute to Family.

  1. So much fun when everyone is just themselves, appreciate the time that you both invest in family, and its a lot of time when there are multiple families involved. Looking forward to many more gatherings.

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