the purchase of the Crosstrek

My First car …

Growing up I had always been a car enthusiast. I grew up around building cars and had a lot of influences from my family. My cousin is a painter and when I was 16 I found myself roaming around his shop. There, I found a broken and beat down 1995 Subaru Impreza. With countless hours of work put in by my cousin and I, we transformed it into something special, my first car. Here was the start of a new adventure, and boy was it. From road trips to car shows, we did it all. Her and I had many memories in that car. It was really sad to see it go. I ended up selling the car  (sometimes I wish I hadn’t but it was the right thing to do) and I then began the search for a new car.


The Search ..

As I started looking, I was in the market for a car around 20k. I searched high and low for a newer Subaru Sti but found nothing worth my time, countless dealerships and hours of my life, I was still car less. Then I started talking with her about cars as she was looking to and we found her a beautiful 2013 used GTI in which was perfect for her. So she went after it and was able to purchase her the car! I was excited for her but my status was at an all time low for myself. It seemed like I was never going to find the perfect car. Then one day I stumble into Roy Robinson Subaru in Marysville. This is where it all changed.


The Find .

I went in late on a Thursday night after work to look at a 2013 white WRX when I ran into a salesman by the name of Kelly Adams. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of Kelly. I walked in and was eager to buy a car. As we were walking to look at the WRX I stopped and could not believe how much I liked the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek’s. But I had goo goo eyes for the WRX as it was what I thought I really wanted. We went for a test drive and it felt great but I just wasn’t sold. Kelly told me to go home and sleep on it. That night I couldn’t sleep. That Crosstrek was too good to be true and I knew that it was what I wanted. Went back into the dealership and we ended up finding a 16 White 5speed MT Crosstrek and I had to have it. It was perfect for the lifestyle for her and I. Now I’m in the process of making the car my own. I will be posting with updates on the car, but this is where it all started 9 months ago and 11,000 miles I still love it. So much I actually talked two members of my family into them. If you ever need anything be sure to go see Kelly Adams at Roy Robinson Subaru for all you needs!


Till next time,


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