Why We Created histhis&herthat.


Happy Sunday, friends!

The running trend of blogging has been rising so much in the last few years and I can speak for the both of us when I say that we thoroughly enjoy reading posts on the internet. In our down time separately, we find ourselves surfing the internet for new ideas and stories that other people have shared.
At the end of this summer, I asked him what he thought about me starting a blog to share DIY projects, drawings I’ve made, fashion trends that I have found, and my “two cents” thought with my internet friends. He quickly said he wanted to blog, too, but about his “man” thoughts and he wanted to make it a blog for the both of us. So began his this and her that, and here’s why we started blogging:

To update people with our recent findings.

At this age, we are discovering new things through our hobbies such as, her new fashion trends and his new hikes and adventure findings. We love to share with others the things that we are interested in and passionate about. Stay tuned for more posts to learn a little more about each of us.

To share our adventures with our friends.
We love hiking, going for long drives, and adventuring to new places. As a couple, we would love to travel in the future and share with others the things we liked and discovered about each place. We will even post about great places to eat or fun things to do in the PNW area around us. We hope to inspire our readers to travel.

To stay connected to each other.
Because we are dating long distance right now while studying and working, a blog is just another way for us to stay connected and document our progress. This blog will help us appreciate the little things that we have been blessed with and give us more reasons to get together and share our thoughts with each other.
Till next time, Xoxo.



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