Fall-ing for you.

Fall – ing for you ❤

Leaves around our feet and an umbrella above our head. Washington fall seasons are a beautiful opportunity to connect with that special someone in your life, or possibly starting something new with that girl you’ve had your eyes on. Romance can come in all forms like a rainy trip to Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte, or a kiss in the rain. Fall is the time of the year to steal her heart. Whether you are thinking of asking her out, been together for a month, a year, or 50, its always good to reconnect on love. So here are some things I’ve done with “her” trying to chase her heart or to reconnect and they might just work for you.

Take a Walk.
The Seattle arboretum was currently under construction (last week) but that didn’t stop us. We chased the leaves as we walked around the park looking for a way in but to no prevail. We ended up in a park just across the street walked around talking about life (ask questions and let her talk, even if she have already told you a story before, listen. They could just be really excited and want to talk about it) this date ended in a bunch of failed photographs with leaves and a smile.

Coffee shop dates.
Back to school is now, studying can be stressful during the fall but nothing says stress reliever like pumpkin spice. Sometime a quick stop at a coffee shop can be a brand new adventure try ordering for each other and just “go with it” you may find you love it/ or hate it. But its always good to learn something new about her, or challenge each other to try something new. Her and I will always stop before an adventure for coffee always trying to go somewhere new just to explore the world and each other.

The Patch.
Of course! The pumpkin patch is a must, time to get your boots out and head to the farm. Hold her hand and let her lead the way. Pick three pumpkins one for the both of you and one together. In a lasting relationships its good to be independent, but yet dependent. It’s always a balance of the two though. Make the pumpkins carving fun get messy be cute and show her you’re a man of many qualities. I always try to let her do her thing and express her creative skills, just let her know you’re there to help if she needs it.

Fall has some of the best sunsets I have ever witnesses, but they wouldn’t have been the same without her by my side. Her and I have a park that we walk during “the golden hour.” And these moments can be spent many different ways. Sometimes a little silence can be good letting her know that her beauty is a loss for words followed by a sunset like the one in front of you, or sunsets can always be a good time to reflect. Let your feelings out. It always feels good to be loved and one can never hear it to much.

The key to Fall time romance is doing the basics. A Tree needs its roots so don’t be afraid to relate back to yours in a new or old relationship. Chasing can be fun if you let it. Fall is filled with opportunity so get out there and go do. Enjoy the moments with her as soon fall will be gone.

till next time,

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