Countless Things My Momma Taught Me


Happy Tuesday friends!

You might be wondering why a her post is on a Tuesday and not a Monday? Well, I took a days jump because today is a special day! It is my Momma’s birthday today and I would like to take an inserted Tuesday post to appreciate all the moms!

On a more personal and reflective note, aside from life tips and tricks, I think we can all agree that moms are the modern day superheros in our lives and deserve a standing-O! It wasn’t until I “officially” moved out of the house to my Seattle apartment that I realized how much my parents supported me and took incredible care of me growing up. My momma is my best friend and has taught me so many things.

1. Be Patient
Have you ever noticed that moms are always right about everything? I’ve realized that my mom has lived twice as long I and knows much more than I think I do. She has also learned how to be patient and experiences time with deep value. Each day you learn and grow, you just have to be calm and know that things will come in perfect timing.

2. Be Confident
Have you also noticed that your mom always seems to tell you that you’re pretty, even when you’re sick? Well, she has to! But she means it too. Our moms have watched our phases of new hair color, tasteful make up, and “self-expressing” clothing, and still manages to think that we are perfect. We are perfect not because we necessarily do the right things, but because we are confident and that is how we learn.

3. Be Thoughtful
It is scary to grow up and see how similar to my mother I am. I have not only taken on her caring heart, but also her sensitive emotions. I can always count on her to take extra time and extra love just to make my day. And if there is one great thing that I take with me, it is that it is worth being thoughtful, even if you do not get that in return. Always put others before you and think the best of others.

4. Be Yourself

As cliche as it may be, you begin to learn who you are in these later years of your childhood. You learn what you like and do not like, how your brain organizes in the best way, and what you need to do to make yourself happy. Moms are always there to help us out, offer advice, and assist us in discovering the beautiful beings that they made. It is also important to remember that the people that we are today and ought to be are because of the people we came from.

For all you have done, all you do, and continue to do, thank you.

& Happy Birthday, Momma!

Xoxo, her.

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