5 Tips for Making your College House a Home


Happy Monday, friends!

In the past three days, I have moved into my first college house and started my third year of college. Exciting, I know, but so different than any other year I have lived in Seattle. I now live with my three best friends right down the street from our university in what we call “The White House, Unit C”.

Not only do we have a larger living space (two bedrooms, a big bathroom, a kitchen and a living/ dining room) we also are moving into a completely empty house in which I have now taken mom’s extra roll of toilet paper under the sink for granted. We now have to find room for four wardrobes, stashes of shoes, college school books and so much more that the dorm handed to you.

I love love our new house and the freedom we have to make it our own but it appears to take long and more thought than we had ever expected! Here are a few tips about making your own college house a home:

1. Start moving in slowly.

When we walked into our house with boxes in hand, we paused in shock at how empty it was and how full it got with four college lives in boxes. Moving in slowly allows you to find homes for your belongings! and don’t stress, everything WILL find a home eventually, even if it takes a few weeks.

2. Focus on the essentials.

What does an empty house need? A place to eat, study, and sleep! Yes, it feels stressful to not have a counter to do your make-up on, but you have time! Our house currently has a table and chairs, a couch, and beds! Begin making a list of what your house will need to be more functional when you have time!

3. Don’t stress at the grocery store.

I think that my best friend and I took the longest time in Fred Meyer pacing at what an empty house needs to eat. Breakfast, lunch, AND dinner meal plans are required pre-shopping experience. Shout out to your family who always seems to have syrup in the pantry.

4. Pack your favorite mug.

Your favorite mug can remind you of home when accompanied by a warm cup of coffee. Take a break from moving in and relax.

5. Make it your own with pictures and personal decorations.

Your house can truly look and feel like a home when you surround yourself with pictures of friends and families. Print pictures, buy new frames, and decorate the white walls around you to make your college house a personalized home.

It’s day three and our house is already starting to feel like a home that we own, well, rent! This cozy home is perfect for future blogging inspiration. Bring on the DIY!

See you next Monday,

Xoxo, her.


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